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Max Benjamin, a family brand offering handmade, luxurious candles and other beautifully scented products composed to de-stress, relax and calm the mind. Find your signature scent and take it everywhere with you.
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Max Benjamin - scents that suit your mood

Max Benjamin is a brand that has been making waves in the fragrance industry since its inception. The Irish-based brand has built a reputation for creating luxury scented candles, scented cards, car and home diffusers and more products from the home fragrance category that are both elegant and sophisticated.

The brand was founded 15 years ago in the Irish wilds of Glencree Valley by Orla Van den Bergh and named in honour of Orla’s twin sons Max and Benjamin and later developed by brothers Mark and David Van den Bergh, who were inspired by their mother's - Orla -love of candle making. They began by experimenting with natural waxes and essential oils, and quickly found that they had a knack for creating beautifully scented candles. Their first collection was launched in 2007, and it was an immediate success. Max Benjamin studio is still based in the Wicklow hills, which inspires the brand's approach to sustainable design.

Max Benjamin products - find your signature scent

Max Benjamin is known for its luxurious range of candles, diffusers, and home fragrances. The brand uses only the finest quality ingredients, including essential oils, to create its products. All candles contain Italian cotton lead-free wicks and are made with 100% natural soya and coconut waxes and essential oil fragrance. Each candle takes over seven hours to be created and each one is hand poured. The scents are carefully blended to ensure that they are perfectly balanced. Some of the brand's most popular scents include French Linen Water, Lemongrass and Ginger, and Moroccan Mint Tea.

The Max Benjamin brand is known for its elegant and sophisticated design aesthetic. The brand's packaging is simple yet chic, with clean lines and muted colors. The brand's design philosophy is centered around simplicity and elegance, and this is reflected in every aspect of its products.

Brand's mission and vision

The Max Benjamin brand is committed to creating products that are both beautiful and natural. The company believes that fragrance has the power to transform a space, and it strives to create scents that are both memorable and impactful. The brand's mission is to create products that enhance people's lives, whether they are used to create a relaxing atmosphere at home or to create a special ambiance for a special event.

Thanks to the range od products available in Kulina - scented cards, car fragrances and scented candles you can choose your favourite scent and make this fragrance your signature scent or a characteristic scent of your house. The products are a simple and elegant way to ensure that your favourite scent is everywhere around you. In your wardrobe, in your chest of drawers, in the handbag, backpack or in a car. You can even slip it into your suitcase or under your pillow if you can’t have enough of it. And to be honest - we will not be surprised at all if you do it.