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What is the basis of better nutrition? The Plan. The worst thing is to let yourselve starve without healthy (and tasty) food ready at hand. If it's not there, you eat whatever is in the fridge or buy a sandwich at a gas station.

That is the reason why boxed diets are so popular. Everything is ready, and you don't have to think about anything. But... you are able to prepare a healthy meal by yourself! For example, you can make a tasty and healthy salad in minutes. Apart from vegetables, it should contain the right amount of protein (eggs, cheese, lean meat) and healthy fats (avocados, fatty fish, nuts).

What would you say if we suggest that you, instead of ordering a box diet, invest in good-quality ingredients, and a stylish lunchbox so that you don't have to throw away all that plastic boxes every day? You can save nature and money.

GoEat Joseph Joseph


Takeaway food can also be "stylish". Milan's designers have long thought about how to maintain style, even when you don't eat in a trendy restaurant. What is the result? Thanks to Alessi Food à porter lunchbox you can proudly stroll along the pier (the one in front of your yacht as well :-). Of course, you will also look great with it on a park bench or in front of the office. Food à porter is not a lunchbox, it's a stylish accessory. See how it looks and works in a movie above.

Set GoEat™ by Joseph Joseph offers maximum functionality. A separate compartment ensures that the contents do not mix, and empty boxes can be easily stacked, so they take up a minimum amount of space. Don't forget to take your cutlery with you in a handy case in your purse or backpack.



If you are serious about a healthy, low-carb or even raw food diet, your daily helper may be a shredder or a spiralizer especially if you don't like chopping vegetables. It is mainly used to prepare your favorite vegetable "pasta" - thin strips that can be cooked briefly to make your favorite zucchini or carrot "spaghetti".


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Cheese grater Form Alessi
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