Smoothie for your health


Why is it worth to drink smoothies

Smoothies are a simple, tasty and effective way to add fruits, vegetables and vitamins to your diet.

Honestly, do you actually manage to eat these recommended 5 servings of vegetables and fruit a day? And what about your children? It's easy to smuggle unwanted vegetables into your smoothie and smoothies are so popular not without a reason. They are probably the easiest and tastiest way to eat healthier.

Homemade smoothie is cheaper, you are in control of what you add to it, and you have tons of options. If you want to include them permanently in your diet, the key is to plan well, buy high-quality ingredients, and have everything you need to prepare them on hand. What do I need to prepare a smoothie?

Blender do smoothie

Table top blender

High quality table top blender is a must-have accessory. By means of a powerful blender, you can process fruits and vegetables and prepare homemade peanut butter, which will provide an additional portion of protein and healthy fats. It can also process ice, which you will appreciate especially in the summer, whether for your kids' homemade ice-cream or fruit smoothies or your strawberry margarita. The highest performance is guaranteed by appliances manufactured by Vitamix or KitchenAid (Power Plus collection).

It is recommended to have the table top blender and ingredients ready as there is usually no time to waste in the morning but the blender can also be a decoration of your kitchen. Choose from retro style Artisan collection fromKitchenAid, designer and elegant Plissé collection by Alessi or futuristic line Enfiniga byZwilling.

Smoothie maker

Smoothie maker

A tabletop blender is a great investment if you take advantage of its full potential. But if you only want to prepare smoothies and need a quick, space-saving, practical helper, a smoothie maker will be the best choice. It is mixed directly in a container that then serves as a travel bottle. Minimum utensils, maximum convenience. Most models come with 2 containers for a couple or a container with a capacity for 2 portions of smoothies.

Wyciskarka do cytrusów

Citrus squeezer

Do you like citrus fruits? Just halve a lemon, orange or grapefruit and squeeze it! The best carton juice can't compare to homemade squeezed juice. And a glass of lukewarm lemon water in the morning is something many wellness gurus cannot resist. The best choice for you is a citrus squeezer or a juicer.

Butelka na smoothie

Smoothie bottle

We usually drink smoothies in the morning for breakfast or as a snack. You can grab it and take it with you to the car, to the gym, to work - it's the perfect breakfast on the go. If the takeaway bottle doesn't come with your blender, you should buy one. Choose bottles made from eco-friendly plastic or stainless steel and with a wide neck. It makes drinking and cleaning easier. Smoothies are usually quite thick and if you like adding seeds to your drinks, wider neck will make it easier to consume. Smoothie bottles are dishwasher safe but if you drink it after a few hours, it's better to use a brush for baby bottles. Don't forget about proper hydration. Check out our tips on how to drink 2 litres of liquids daily.