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Basket for fruit La Stanza Dello Scirocco 27 cm white ALMT02W
Basket Chaos Living Lounge WMF
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Basket Peel O 26 cm WMF
Basket Peel O 26 cm WMF
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Bathroom mat PIANA 50 x 100 cm light grey Blomus
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Eye mask for sleeping Mech Foonka
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FRISCO laundry basket grey-brown Blomus
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Fruit bowl Trinity Alessi 26 cm black
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Fruit tea AquaExotica Kusmi Tea 20 muslin bags
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Fruit tea AquaFrutti Kusmi Tea 20 muslin bags
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Gift set of teas Wellness tea by Kusmi Tea 5x can
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Laundry basket Bo Brabantia black 60 l
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Laundry basket with cork lid Brabantia black 35 l BRAB120008
Laundry basket with cork lid Brabantia white 60 l
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LIQUID MEMORY Foonka 140 x 200 cm
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Oval serving bowl Bitz black/cream 36x25 cm
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Pillow Stay Blomus Grey 70x30 cm
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Pillowcase LOOM blue-gray Blomus
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Rectangle laundry bag Brabantia light grey highlight 55 l BRAB120367
Reversible cosmetics basket ARA large sand/grey/brown Blomus BM68898
Round knife block Nordic kitchen black Eva Solo
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Salad bowl Bitz black/amber 24 cm
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Salad bowl Bitz black/purple 24 cm
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Set of towels Riva Blomus creamy 30x50 cm 2 pcs
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láhev na pití

In the last week of our wellbeing challenge, we will focus on the body. Both from the outside and the inside. It is said that before we are 30 years old we have the body we inherit, and after that we have the body we deserve...



Kick it up!

Kick it up on the first day of spring! We are sure that you are already looking forward to the sun and spending your days outdoors, jogging, cycling or just lying on the grass! Whether it's outdoors or at the gym, make sure you hydrate your body. And while observing the drinking regime, you don't have to contribute to increasing the amount of plastic waste. It's enough to have a handy water bottle to feel better. On body and soul.


kuchařský kurz


Learn something new

Did you know that the brain works like a muscle and requires constant strengthening? Train it regularly and you will delay the ageing process. Some play chess, others learn a foreign language. But you might as well try your hand at the kitchen. Are you having trouble making sushi at home or frying a steak? Take a cooking class and learn from professional chefs.

mísa na ovoce


5 portions of fruit and vegetables

Eat at least 400g of vegetables and fruit (in a 2: 1 ratio) today. It is recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), nutritionists and our team :-) How do you increase the chance of actually eating 5 servings of vegetables and fruit a day? Keep them close at hand and in sight. You can also feast your eyes on beautiful fruit bowls, that will decorate your table.

steakové nože


Eat adequate amounts of good-quality protein

Protein contributes to the healing and regeneration of tissues. This is why, for example, athletes consume much more of it. Most of us eat more carbohydrates and less protein than experts recommend. How can you easily find out about this? Even after a large meal, do you still feel like having something? So it is quite likely that you have high sugar level that forces you to eat constantly. Limit carbohydrates and increase the amount of protein you eat, such as meat, legumes or eggs. A steak with lots of vegetables is the perfect combination of a healthy meal and a unique culinary experience. Kulina will equip you with high quality steel pans or grill pans and the sets of steak cutlery.


maska na spaní


Get some sleep

Do you feel lack of energy? Are you feeling bad or losing weight? Good sleep is of a great importance for our health. According to experts, it is best to sleep 7-8 hours a day in a well ventilated room and avoid "blue light", that is the light emitted by the screens of mobile phones or computers, at least one hour before bedtime.

How about falling asleep in straw or fresh hay? Polish brand Foonka - winner of numerous awards for unique bedding sets - offers a design inspired by nature, characterized by the highest production standards and ecological certificates.

koše na prádlo


Wash your "dirt"

Literally and figuratively. If you have such a need, throw yourself into the vortex of spring cleaning. Clear the atmosphere at home and smile. By the way, you can also get yourself a new laundry basket.


ručníky a předložky do koupelny


Harden yourself

You don't have to swim in freezing cold water, swim in the river or take on a Wim Hoff challenge. Just start by rinsing your face with cold water in the morning or end a shower with a lukewarm stream, and then gradually reduce the temperature and extend the time. Remember, even small steps count, and after a cold shower ... jump into a nice, soft towel.