Week for her


Enjoy the week of saying farewell to winter. Let the sun and fresh air into your home and open the door to the messengers of spring.


Breathe the fresh air

Get off the bus one stop before your destination, take your dog for a long walk, take a walk in the park in the evening. You don't have to prepare for the marathon right away. Just enjoy the spring sun and the fragrant spring air. You don't have time for this? Pour your morning coffee or tea into a vacuum flask and enjoy its taste during the woal to the office. You will get there with a fresh mind and lots of energy.

Made in Japan ceramic

Buy yourself some flowers

Today we celebrate the International Women's Day. Even if you're not expecting flowers, this is the perfect excuse to buy them. Just like that! The messengers of spring in a beautiful vase on your table, will delight you throughout the week with the promise of the imminent arrival of the sun and warm days.


Kusmi tea


One minute of laughter is said to have the same relaxing effect on your brain as 45 minutes of exercise. Therefore, turn on your favorite comedy movie, oopen the wine with friends, forget about your worries and have a good laugh.



Treat yourself

Make somebody whom you love happy today. Call your parents, take your friend for a coffee, do some shopping for your elderly neighbour who can't leave the house. You can also give them a small gift that will say more than thousands of words. It can be a Woodwick candle Golden Milk, with the scent of sweet milk flavored with exotic spices - saffron, cumin and turmeric, which according to the ancient Indian Ayurveda is the elixir of health.


Made in Japan teacups

Houseplants - let them live!

Indoor houseplants are currently experiencing a renaissance. At a time when we were locked at home for a long time, each of us dreamed of a home garden. Has your house turned green too? With the advent of spring, it's time to refresh your home flowers. Dust them, blow them up and replant them into larger pots, buy new watering cans and give them all they need to live.


Woodwick candle

Clean up your space

With the advent of spring, we become much moreeager for spring cleaning - detoxing the body and home. It may be too early to clean and bury winter clothes, but you can easily start cleaning up the kitchen or home office. To the bin with everything you don't need! And if you think that your bins best time is over, you should look for a new, designer waste bin, that you will not have to hide in the corner

Made in Japan breakfast

Take 10 000 steps today

The healthiest and most natural movement for the human body is to walk. You don't need to hit the popular 10,000 steps goal every day. But the weekend is the perfect time to go out for a long walk - preferably with someone you feel comfortable with. Don't forget to bring a bottle of water with you. Natural exercise, adequate hydration and the amount of sleep will be more useful for our body than detox and drastic diets.

 March is a great month to renew your mind and body after winter. Therefore, get inspired with our other tips for our wellbeing.


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