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Electric chopper KITCHENminis® WMF
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Backgammon CLASSIC Printworks
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Bambus cutting board 38 x 25 cm WMF
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Game BACKGAMMON Printworks
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Game Dominoes PLAY Printworks
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Herb garden - 1 self-watering pot Gourmet WMF
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Herb shears WMF
Herb shears WMF
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Chef's knife Grand Class 20 cm PC WMF
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Chef's knife Chef's Edition PC WMF
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Chef's knife Kineo WMF 20 cm
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Chef's knife Spitzenklasse Plus 20 cm PC WMF
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Chef's knife Yari 20 cm WMF
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Kambukka thermo mug Etna 500 ml Black Steel
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Pancake pan O 27 cm Devil WMF
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Quiz Game MOVIE GEEK Printworks 50 pcs
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Set of 4 glasses for long drink Punk Nachtmann
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Set of 4 glasses for whisky Aspen Nachtmann
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Set of glasses for a beer/drink Easy WMF
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Set of whisky glasses Easy WMF
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Thermos Kambukka Olympus 500 ml Darkness
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Thermos WMF Motion 0,75 l black
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Thermos WMF Motion 0,75 l stainless steel
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Whisky Glass Eva Solo
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Whisky Glass Eva Solo
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Červený robot

Men also need their rituals - rest for body and soul. Especially for them, we have prepared 7 ideas for 7 days of the week that will take care of their well-being and the spring renewal of their mind and body. We hope that our advice will allow you to have a successful "reboot".



Meatless Monday

A day without meat? It's not that difficult at all, and we don't mean the cottage cheese sandwich for breakfast! Take the challenge and start the new week with taste. With a decent homemade curry, you won't even think about meat. And for cutting the veggies take a really sharp knife...


Červené doplňky v moderní kuchyni


Start the day your way

Go to work today on foot or by bike. You can also get off the bus one stop earlier and walk to the office. You don't have time for this? So why not drink your morning coffee on the way? If you have a good coffee machine, brew it and pour into a thermo cup. By avoiding buying coffee in plastic, you save time, money and nature. You don't have an espresso machine or a brewer? Most good coffee shops that also say no to plastic will be happy to make coffee for your cup.

Červené doplňky v dřevěné kuchyni


Concentrated mind

Mindfulness... it's not difficult at all! Be here and now, have fun with your loved ones and focus on what's in your head.... Play a board game, that will let you enjoy the moment. Board games are fun, free from stress and worry, and exercising your mind has additional health benefits..

Červený hmoždíř


On St. Patrick's Day, remember to hydrate your body properly...

Whiskey or Guiness - the day of Ireland's patron should be celebrated with a glass of good drink. We know that this is not what watering is about, but it will make you feel better for sure.


Červená svíčka


Add some spices to your life

Regardless of whether you are going out together or having dinner at home, give the time spent together an unforgettable flavour.

Sklenice na červené víno


Dad of the year

If you experience the pure, childlike joy coming from making and eating delicious pancakes for breakfast, you will be happy to make them for your family. Are you not a Dad yet? Pancakes served for breakfast in bed are a perfect start of the day.

However, you need to know that freshly baked pancakes for breakfast are an addictive ritual. So it is very likely that you will be cooking them every weekend. In this case, you should have a pancake or crepe pan. Crepe pan with low rim it is necessary to practice the effective tossing of pancakes in the air. Pancake pan is essential if you have more than one child, and waiting for breakfast turns into a battle of "who gets it first".

Červená svíčka


Spring is right behind the corner

Tomorrow we officially open the door and let spring in. How about a home herb cultivation on this occasion? You will do it almost effortlessly, with a selfwatering pot, that will take care for itself.