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Stainless steel soap bar GOURMET, WMF
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Odour Removers - a remedy for your kitchen

How do stainless steel soap odour removers work?

When working in the kitchen your fingers can occasionally get smelly - especially if you are cooking meals that require the use of garlic and onions or if you are cooking fish. Sometimes it's not enough to just wash your hands with soap. The smell will stay with you for hours and for sure it's not the best perfume you could think of.

Stainless steel soap is an easy and elegant solution for this problem as it removes unpleasant odours that can be difficult to wash off solely with soap and water. How does it work? The sulfur compounds bind to the steel removing the odour from your fingers. You can of course grab a stainless steel knife but - you have to believe us... Stainless steel soap is much more pleasant to hold and rub and it can be a relaxing activity as well!

How do standard odour removers work?

Odour removers are specialised products that neutralise, eliminate or entrap malodour molecules, thereby removing the unpleasant smells they generate. A simple and cheap solution to a nasty and sometimes embarrassing problem! There is therefore absolutely no need to suffer.

Odour removers help bring back a nice smell in your kitchen and should be used as standard. However, remember that unpleasant odours can often develop in the sink, waste bin and pantry area so make sure you throw out rubbish regularly and do not let dirty dishes stay in the sink overnight.

So why not give odour removers a try and say goodbye to foul smells once and for all? Odour removers are better than most home remedies, requiring no effort to prepare them, thereby saving you valuable time to do other important and less important things.