Bathroom Cleaning

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odpadkovy kos do koupelny birillo alessi 21 cm bily 2 ALPL10W
Bathroom bin MINDSET, mineral grey, Brabantia BRAB303364
Bathroom bin MINDSET, mineral white, Brabantia BRAB303388
Bathroom bin RIM 3 l, black, aluminum, Zone Denmark ZO14652
Bathroom bin SONO 5 l, beige, Blomus
81,55 €
Bathroom bin SONO 5 l, dark grey, Blomus
81,55 €
Bathroom bin SONO 5 l, light grey, Blomus BM69170
Bathroom bin SONO 5 l, taupe, Blomus
81,55 €
Bathroom bin SPLIT, white and blue, Joseph Joseph JS70505
Bathroom bin TUBO 3 l, black, Blomus
28,05 €
Bathroom bin UME 4 l, black, plastic, Zone Denmark ZO330405
Bathroom bin UME 4 l, white, plastic, Zone Denmark ZO330407
Laundry bag 35 l, stackable, light grey, Brabantia BRAB120428
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How to keep your bathroom clean? With a range of practical accessories for cleaning, washing, ironing and storage. And keeping your bathroom clean and ordered is extremely important for its look because even the most beautiful bathroom arrangement can be spoilt by the mess. So make sure you’ve got everything you need to take over control of what’s going on there when you clean the house. Because it’s often in the bathroom where we keep all home cleaning products and accessories.

In Kulina we offer a wide range of products for cleaning such as:

washing up bowls (perfect not only for washing delicate pieces of clothing but also for storage of cleaning products, washing your shoes, transplanting flowers or transporting laundry),

And if you are looking for some bathroom baskets or organizers to store your cosmetics, make-up brushes, cotton swabs or cotton pads, please see the wide range of organizers we have for your bathroom here.