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Hole puncher CAP 10 cm, silver, Philippi
59,90 €
drzak na kancelarske sponky chip alessi 1
55 €
orezavatko na tuzky kastor alessi 1
58 €
Stapleless stapler PUSH 5 cm, silver, Philippi PHP136024
Tape dispenser CAP, 10 cm, Philippi
49,90 €
Tape measure GENTS 3 m, cream, Blomus
36,21 €
Tape measure GENTS 3 m, dark grey, Blomus BM66234
Tape measure GENTS 3 m, dark grey, Blomus BM66233

Office Supplies – maximising your office productivity with design

Office supplies are an essential part of any workspace, even home offices. These tools, which range from hole punchers to paper clips, are essential for daily chores and can improve efficiency, productivity, and organisation. But not only. Designer office supplies make also perfect gifts for colleagues, business partners, a brother or a father.

Choosing the best tools that will meet all your needs is not easy but it's worth a thought. Choose accessories that match the style of your office - whether it's a home or corporate office - and see how much you can enjoy time spent at work but surrounded by beautiful objects

What types of office supplies are available on Kulina?

On Kulina, a wide range of office supplies are offered, all of which are designed to meet the requirements of any workplace.

  • Pencil sharpeners: Pencil sharpeners are used to sharpen pencils to a precise point so they can be used for writing, sketching, or colouring. A pencil without a sharpener is useless.
  • Tape dispensers: Tape dispensers are used to dispense masking tape or Scotch tape in a regulated and user-friendly way. This provides a good manipulation with the tape without the need for scissors.
  • Staplers: These are tools used to staple papers together. There are many different shapes and sizes of staplers, and some can affix up to 100 pages at once.
  • Rulers: Rulers are used for straight-line drawing and measurement. They are available in a variety of lengths and materials.
  • Paper clips: Paper clips are small, bent bits of plastic or wire that are used to grip together papers for short periods. They come in a range of forms, sizes, and colours.
  • Hole punchers: Hole punchers are tools used to make holes in papers for binding or storing them. They come in various shapes and sizes, and some of them can simultaneously punch several holes.

Many brands available in Kulina offer modern, designer and sometimes also funny office supplies. Make sure you check the designs by Alessi (and its legendary pencil sharpener Castor or paper clips holders), minimalist products by Blomus and office accessories by Philippi, which make great gifts for all workaholics but also architects or IT workers.