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Outdoor solar lantern SUNLIGHT BELL, Eva Solo ES571327
Outdoor solar pendant lamp SUNLIGHT, Eva Solo ES571322
Outdoor solar torch light SUNLIGHT, Eva Solo ES571338
Solar table lamp SUNLIGHT 14 cm, Eva Solo
95,90 €
Base for GRAVITY CANDLE lantern, Höfats HO080501
Bioethanol gel 1 l, set of 6 pcs, Höfats HO0908016
Flammable gel for gel candle holder LUNA, Blomus BM31057
Garden gel burner FUOCO Ø 18,5 cm, Blomus BM65078
Garden gel burner FUOCO Ø 32 cm, Blomus BM65079
Garden spotlight SUNLIGHT 37 cm, grey, Eva Solo ES571372
Garden torch base BASO, Blomus
58,99 €
Garden torch lid SOCO ⌀ 7 cm, Blomus
17,49 €
Garden torch ORCHOS 154,5 cm, black, Blomus BM65032
Garden torch SPIN 120, silver, Höfats HO00017
Garden torch SPIN 90, silver, Höfats
126 €
Gel candle holder LUNA 24 cm, black, Blomus BM65390
Gel fuel for garden torches and gel lamps, Blomus BM31036
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Outdoor lights – let your garden, terrace or balcony shine

Outdoor lights are ideal for illuminating your garden, balcony or terrace. There are many durable and weather resistant outdoor  lighting options that you may consider, as well as some less weather resistant but moodier types of lighting. You can choose between electric outdoor lights, solar lamps (those last 4 - 12 hours on average) and options such as torches, lanterns and candles.

What should I consider when choosing outdoor electric lamps?

  • whether the outdoor space is sheltered or fully exposed to rain, snow, etc. (if your lamp is going to be exposed look for an outdoor lamp with a high IP rating for protection against harsh weather
  • use 40-watt bulbs for paths, gardens, and other low-level areas and stronger bulbs for driveways and larger areas
  • remember that LED lights are the best choice for outdoor lighting – they are brighter and last longer
  • the style of your home (for example, not all outdoor lamps are suitable for minimalistic architecture)

How to illuminate your balcony or terrace?

The best outdoor lighting for your balcony or terrace are solar lamps and decorative outdoor string lights. Garden garlands have bulbs in different shapes, sizes and colours and introduce a holiday mood that you will love. Solar lamps, like lanterns, are a great way to illuminate stairs or your outdoor table and if the wind is not too strong, you can also use traditional candles to enjoy the candle flame.