BBQ grids

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Grill grate BEER BOX, Höfats
38 €
Grill grate for CONE grill, cast iron, Höfats HO010301
Grill grate for ELLIPSE fire pit, Höfats HO060301
Grill grate TRIPLE 45 cm, Höfats
133 €
Grill grid 480, cast iron, Outdoorchef
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Grill grid 570, cast iron, Outdoorchef
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Grill grid CRATE, Höfats
Grill grid CRATE, Höfats
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Grill grid CUBE, Höfats
Grill grid CUBE, Höfats
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Grill grid for fire pit FIRECUBE, Eva Solo ES571116
Grill grid for FIRECYLINDER fire pit, Eva Solo ES571143
Grill grid TRIPLE, 55 cm, Höfats
149 €
Trivet 23 cm, cast iron, Petromax
31 €
Trivet 30 cm, cast iron, Petromax
37 €

BBQ grids – a perfect BBQ experience

What are BBQ grids?

This tool, often referred to as a grilling grid or a vegetable grill grid, is used for holding a variety of tiny meals that could slip through the typical grill plates or racks when meals are being grilled.

At Kulina stores, we have BBQ grids produced by renowned brands such as Eva Solo, Höfats, and Outdoorchef and they are typically constructed of a non-stick material.

When lifting the BBQ Grid off the grill, some grids feature handles to make handling them easier. Many grill grids have perforated holes that let juices and oils pass through and away from the food while still allowing the food to receive the direct intensity of the heat.

However, the holes are small so that delicate foods such as pieces of fish, shrimp, shellfish, and vegetables are not falling through or become stuck in the open spaces, such as may occur on standard grilling racks.

What are the types of BBQ grids available?

There are several different types of BBQ grids available in Kulina, each with unique features and advantages. The numerous types include the following:

  • Cast iron BBQ: BBQ grids constructed of cast iron are used because they are reliable and efficiently retain heat. Cast iron grids are excellent for searing and heat retention, making them perfect for grilling steaks and other meals. Also, they become easier to use because they have a non-stick surface.
  • Stainless steel BBQ grids: Stainless steel is another popular material for BBQ grids. It is sturdy, light, and resistant to rust and corrosion, making it perfect for outdoor usage. It's a great idea to cook delicate items like fish on stainless steel grids since they allow for even heat distribution and minimise sticking.
  • Iron BBQ grids: Its sturdy structure, dependability, and even heat distribution make it perfect for grilling and searing meals. Iron grids should be greased before use to prevent food from adhering. With proper care, they can last for years.

It's essential to select the BBQ grid which best suits your needs and cooking technique since each model has specific benefits.

At Kulina's store, you can also purchase additional grilling accessories like BBQ utensils, grill cleaning accessories, and some grill dishes that will perfectly go with your grill grid.