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Cocktail fork Nuova, set of 6 pcs, WMF
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Lasagne spatula PRO, Zwilling
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Salad fork SOHO, Zwilling
Salad fork SOHO, Zwilling
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Salad spoons set 24 cm, oak, Bitz
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Salad spoons set BELA, Zwilling
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Salad spoons set DAILY 26 cm, Nicolas Vahé NV160670016
Salad spoons set DINNER, Zwilling
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Salad spoons set EVA TRIO, oak wood, Eva Solo ES119649
Salad spoons set NUOVA M, WMF
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Salad spoons set NUOVA, WMF
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Salad spoons set PROFILE, wood, Brabantia BRAB260643
Salad spoons set, 32 cm, oak, Bitz
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Salad spoons set, golden, Bitz
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Salad tongs INGENIO K2060614, Tefal
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Serving cutlery set NUOVA, WMF
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Serving fork EVA TRIO, set of 3 pcs, Eva Solo ES115030
Serving fork Nuova, set of 2 pcs, WMF
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Serving fork STELLA, set of 2 pcs, Blomus BM63951
Serving spoon DAILY, 26 cm Nicolas Vahé NV160670010
Serving spoon EVA TRIO 22 cm, Eva Solo
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Serving spoon EVA TRIO 26 cm, nylon, Eva Solo ES118606
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Serving Cutlery – indispensable serving tools

What are serving cutleries?

Serving cutlery is type of serving utensils used for serving food, usually at the dining table. These cutlery are often constructed of quality materials like stainless steel, wood or plastic, and they may be artistically crafted to blend nicely with other tableware like dining cutlery, serving bowls or glasses.

There are different types of serving cutlery and you will find a lot of them on the Kulina website. They include:

  • Salad serving sets: If you want to mix and serve your salad in an elegant way, you will defenitely need a salad serving set or salad tongs. Salad serving sets consist of a salad spoon and salad fork. Salad spoons offer more control and a wider surface area than standard spoons.
  • Serving forks: Long-handled serving forks used to serve meat or vegetables.
  • Soup and gravy ladles: Decorative soup ladles and sauce spoons used for serving gravy or other fluid sauces. Serving spoons with large, round cups are also perfect to serve stews, vegetables and rice.
  • Cake servers - cake servers are useful tools for serving cake but also lasagna or focaccia

What is the difference between kitchen utensils and serving cutlery?

Kitchen utensils are sometimes very similar to serving utensils. Kitchen spoons for example may be used both for cooking and serving. However there are huge differences between these two types of utensils and these are:

  • kitchen utensils need to be safe for the pots and pans, they can't scratch their non-stick surfaces and thus need to be made from non-scratching but at the same time heat-resistant materials. Kitchen utensilas are therefore very often made from wood, silicone or plastic.
  • serving cutlery on the other hand is used in the dining room and it accompanies our dinnerware, glassware and dining cutlery. It's part of the table setting. For this reason it is very often quite decorative and usually made of stainless steel.

How can I care for and maintain my serving cutlery?

Proper cleaning, storage, and handling are all part of maintaining your serving cutlery. Your serving cutlery should be hand washed with mild dish soap and warm water after each use and then dried right away. Store your serving cutlery in a clean and dry place, away from water and dust.

Due to contact with air or food acids, your serving cutlery could over time get tarnished or discoloured. You can remove this by cleaning them with a silver polish or a non-abrasive metal cleaner, having followed the manufacturer's instructions.