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Electric kettle NORDIC KITCHEN 1,5 l, black, Eva Solo ES502741
Electric kettle NORDIC KITCHEN 1,5 l, Eva Solo ES502740
Electric egg cooker EK 3165, black, Severin SEVE3412064
Toaster PLISSÉ XXL 46 cm, green, plastic, Alessi ALMDL15GR
Air fryer ACTIFRY EXTRA FZ720015, Tefal TEFFZ720015
Air fryer EASY FRY OVEN & GRILL FW501815, Tefal TEFFW501815
Air fryer FR 2445, Severin
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Air fryer FR 2455, Severin
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Bread machine PAIN ET DELICE PF240E38, Tefal TEFPF240E38
Crepe maker CM 2199, Severin
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Kitchen appliances - save time, get perfect results

If you love cooking, you probably love different kinds of kitchen appliances. They save time, and they make working in the kitchen faster and your life easier. Yes, kitchen appliances do indeed take a lot of space, but cooking with them is simply much better and often mess-free and if you match the type of appliances to your cooking needs you will never want to get rid of them.

What are the 5 basic kitchen appliances you should definitely have on your kitchen top?

  1. An electric kettle - choose the one that fits the style of your kitchen best or go for a temperature control kettle for a more precise tea brewing process,
  2. Kitchen robot or food processor - these are the most advanced and versatile appliances perfect for different types of culinary tasks,
  3. A mixer or a hand blender – they are extremely practical and compact and will help you with many tasks and recipes,
  4. A smoothie bowl maker – this will be great to have for three main reasons: you will be able to start every day with a healthy smoothie, you will be able to prepare great soups in it and last but not least you will prepare delicious cocktails for your friends when they come for your birthday party,
  5. A coffee machine – if you are a coffee lover you know that the taste of your morning cup of coffee depends not only on the quality of grains but also on the machine you use for its preparation, and in Kulina you will find all sorts of best coffee machines for your home café!

Appliances that will make your life and cooking easier!

Always choose appliances by taking into consideration what type of food you cook most often. If you eat a lot of salads, you will need a good food processor or electric grater. If you love fried food go for deep fryers or multifunctional pots that will help you reduce the amount of fat and the amount of time needed for the preparation.

What are some of the kitchen appliances that you may find useful for special purposes?

For more specialized appliances check Kulina’s offer of electric cookers and various kitchen machines. The most popular among them are:

  • Rice cookers
  • Pressure cookers
  • Slow cookers
  • Electric grills
  • Steamer cookers
  • Food dryers
  • Bread makers
  • Ice-cream makers

Which kitchen appliances will let you prepare a great breakfast?

Even if you don’t cook like a pro, you wouldn’t certainly say no to a tasty, delicious breakfast, would you? For those who love to have breakfasts like kings, Kulina offers some great appliances that will make it possible and fast!

  • toasters – for those who like toasts with jam or sandwich toasters for those who need something more
  • waffle makers – if you love waffles sweet or savoury
  • juicers & squeezers – as delicious breakfast calls for fresh juice!
  • electric egg cookers – for perfect soft-boiled or creamy hard-boiled eggs
  • yoghurt makers – for fresh, homemade yoghurt every day
  • crepe makers – for all crepe lovers who have crepes not only for breakfast but also for lunch or dinner!

Why should you buy high-quality kitchen appliances?

Electric kitchen appliances are usually quite expensive. Therefore, it’s very important to buy durable, high-quality products made by reliable brands (such as KitchenAid, Tefal, Smeg or WMF). These brands offer service in case of any faults, their appliances are made from healthy, food-safe materials, with many useful functions and intuitive operation. So even if you spend more money, the appliance will last longer and you will be more satisfied with the functionalities, quality and style you get.