10 items total
Induction kettle NORDIC KITCHEN Eva Solo 1,0 l silver
Kettle 9093 Alessi 2,0 l silver/black
149 €
Kettle Bredemeijer black 2,5 l
80 € –7 %
74,45 €
Kettle for boiling water with whistle 2 l ORBIT WMF
69,90 €
Kettle Il Conico Alessi 2,0 l
234,20 € –6 %
220 €
Kettle PERKOMAX Petromax black
56,99 €
Kettle PERKOMAX Petromax white
56,99 €
Teapot SAGA Viva Scandinavia 0,8 l black
74,95 €
Teapot SAGA Viva Scandinavia 0,8 l mint
74,95 €
WMF Whistling Stove Top Kettle ORBIT 1.5 l
64,90 €

Kettles – one of the hottest kitchen appliances

Electric kettles have long ago stopped being just kitchen appliances. Because they are always visible, always ready to serve on your kitchen top, they are part of your kitchen arrangement and kitchen décor and therefore should be chosen with great care not only when it comes to their functions and quality but also to their looks and style.

What kind of electric kettle should I buy?

You can choose from many different styles and materials. Go for KitchenAid or Smeg kettles if you love retro and vintage style. Choose stainless steel kettles for a modern, minimalistic interior or plastic kettles if you are looking for less stylish but more affordable options. And if you are always curious about what’s inside… buy yourself a glass kettle and see how it brings water to a boiling point.

Are temperature control kettles useful?

Most brands specializing in small kitchen appliances offer temperature control  kettles.  If you are wondering if you need one, you have to think about the range of teas and hot beverages you like to drink. If you drink black tea and use mainly boiling water, there is no use to buy a kettle with a temperature display or temperature setting function. But if you are a fan of green or white tea or herbal infusions you may need to brew them properly at the temperature specified by the manufacturer. In this case, a temperature control kettle would be very useful.