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Kettles – add some retro look to your kitchen with a stovetop kettle

Standard stovetop kettles are nowadays not as popular as they used to be in the past but are still used in many households. Moreover, the best designers such as Michael Graves and Aldo Rossi took an effort and designed beautiful kettles for Alessi brand - which are now design icons. Therefore if you feel that a traditional stovetop kettle is something for you or if you like a retro feel in your kitchen, don't hesitate and pick a stylish kettle in Kulina.

Are electric kettles better than stovetop kettles?

It's hard to say which type of kettle is better. Electric kettles allow for fast boiling of water and are equipped with auto shut-off. In the long term, they can save time and money because they are more energy-efficient than stovetop kettles but you need to remember to boil only as much water as you need.

The choice between a stovetop kettle and an electric kettle basically comes down to your personal taste and requirements, including visual preferences.

And if you are a fan of tea, you will also find in Kulina great teapots that will let you brew the best tea.

Why do Americans use stovetop kettles?

Most houses in the US run on 100–127 volts, whereas the UK and many other countries use 220–240 volts. Thus, electric kettles would not heat water as rapidly as they do in the UK due to the lower voltage in the US. As a result, most people choose to boil water in a traditional kettle.

Why shouldn't I fill a kettle with hot water?

Filling a kettle with hot water is not advised since it might be dangerous and could damage the kettle.

Thermal shock, which can break or damage the kettle's components like glass or metal, can occur when hot water is poured into a cold kettle.

Filling a kettle with hot water may also have an impact on the water's quality in addition to safety issues since hot water might have more dissolved minerals and metals than cold water, which can alter the water's flavour and quality.

Hence it is typically advised to put cold water in a kettle and then heat it to the desired temperature. If you want to learn more about tea making and serving, read our guide for tea connoisseurs here.