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Advent calendar Kusmi Tea 2023
49,90 €
Black pepper 80 g, crushed, Lie Gourmet
Black tea CEYLON OP, 100 g loose leaf tea can, Kusmi Tea
Black tea TSAREVNA 2023, 20 muslin tea bags, Kusmi Tea
Fruit tea GLOGG 2023, 125 g loose leaf tea can, Kusmi Tea
Fruit tea GLOGG 2023, 20 muslin tea bags, Kusmi Tea
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Spices and specials – let’s add something special to your kitchen!

A tasty kitchen doesn’t mean complicated recipes. The key to good food is high quality, fresh ingredients and freshly grounded spices accompanied by a splash of olive oil and vinegar and a spoon of chutney or jam.

Spices and specials in Kulina are carefully selected blends of spices and high-quality oils and sauces that will boost the taste of your meals. Most of the spices that we offer come in glass containers equipped with a ceramic grinder.

Why are freshly ground spices better?

Freshly ground spice has a deeper and richer flavour and their aroma is very intense. Why is that? Whole spices contain oils that make them taste amazing and these oils are released while you use the spice grinder. As a result, your meals are much more delicious and a pleasure for your taste buds. Elegant glass containers full of tasty spices or refined olive oils and vinegar look great on the kitchen worktop, on the table and in the garden during your barbecue garden party. You can also bring some of them to your friends' house as a small but tasteful gift.

Why is it important to store spices properly?

Storing spices in a proper way is crucial to ensure their freshness and to make your food always taste delicious. By keeping your spices, seasonings or herbs in closed glass containers, you protect them against temperature and humidity.

If you are looking for great, stylish and food-friendly containers, check what we have to offer here. See also our range of high-quality salt and pepper mills and shakers sets to have them always at hand when you need to add a bit of taste to your cooking!