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Frying pan MINERAL B 24 cm, de Buyer
60 € –15 %
50,90 €
Non-stick pan PROFI RESIST 28 cm, WMF
129,99 € –0 %
129 €
Pancake pan MINERAL B 27 cm, steel, de Buyer DB561203
Saute pan PROFIRESIST 28 cm, WMF
139,99 € –0 %
139 €
Grill pan SELECTION 26 x 26 cm, black, aluminium, Tefal TEFG28440
Saute pan CONVIVIO 28 cm, stainless steel, Alessi ALDC11428
Wok FORCE C2921953 28 cm, black, aluminium, Tefal TEF2100131097
Casserole pot TITANIUM NOWO 24 cm, titaium, WOLL WL824N
Crepe pan 24 cm, steel, de Buyer
25,76 € –26 %
18,90 €
Crepe pan ECO RESPECT G2543853 25 cm, Tefal TEFG2543853
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Pans – how to choose the right one?

Pans just like pots and knives are essential kitchen equipment. If you are wondering which pans you really need, what kinds of pans are the best and which material is the best for a pan, have a look at what we have for you or check our complete guide on pans here.

Buying the right pans for your kitchen depends on many factors such as what kind of food you usually cook, how often you cook, what kind of cooker you use, what’s your cooking style or how many people you usually cook for. However, if you are considering buying basic kitchen equipment you should start with the following 4 pans:

4 essential pans for every kitchen:

  1. small pan for fried eggs, scrambled eggs, toasting pumpkin seeds for your salad or any other small dishes or little tasks you may need to do in your kitchen
  2. universal frying pan with a size suitable for your family
  3. non-stick pan for more delicate foods like eggs, crepes, pancakes, vegetables, chicken and fish, that can be cooked on medium and low heat
  4. deep sauté pan for dishes like risotto, stew-style and one-pot dishes (stews, curries, etc.)

As we said, choosing the right pans for your kitchen also depends on what you usually cook. Buy a cast-iron grill pan if you love grilled vegetables or steaks. Choose a crepe or pancake pan if sweet breakfasts are what your family usually have during the weekend. And if you like Asian cuisine you may also want to buy a wok pan  that will be extremely useful in preparing stir fry dishes.

What brands of pans are the best?

In Kulina you will find lots of high-quality cookware brands and premium pans manufacturers. It’s very important to choose a reliable pan manufacturer as food-safe, top-quality materials influence both the durability of the pan and the results of your culinary experiments. Among brands available in Kulina, you will find such well-known manufacturers as De Buyer, Woll, Ballarini, Zwilling, WMF, Fiskars, Petromax and Mauviel. You can choose single pans or a set of pans in different sizes.

How to care for your pans?

If you invested money in a good-quality pan you should care for it in an appropriate way that will ensure its long and healthy use. How to maintain a pan? Follow these simple rules to enjoy cooking with it for a long time:

  • don't use metal utensils on your nonstick pans,
  • always wash your pan by hand, using no detergents or scrubs,
  • dry it immediately after washing,
  • avoid major water temperature changes (never put a hot pan under cold water),
  • try to avoid acid food and aerosol cooking sprays,
  • for really stuck-on food and hard-to-remove spots, scrub it with some coarse salt and oil, rinse and wipe clean,
  • coat your pan after drying it with a thin layer of oil,
  • store your pans properly