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Ice bucket ICE BOX 16 cm, with ice tongs, Eva Solo ES567716
Ice bucket ALIR, brass, House Doctor HD211290801
Ice bucket ICE BOX with ice cube mould, 1,8 l, red, Lékué LKE0250400R05C002
Ice cube mould MASTER SEAL FRESH K3023612 blue, Tefal TEFK3023612
Ice cube mould QUICK SNAP PLUS, blue, Joseph Joseph JS20020
Ice cube mould, for 4 ice balls, silicone, Bitz BITZ225291
Ice cube mould, silicone, Bitz
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Ice tongs ARNE JACOBSEN 17,5 cm, silver, Stelton SN0151
Whisky stones LOUNGE, Blomus
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Ice tools – a collection of icing accessories essential for a premium drink

Why is it important to use ice tools and accessories and serve my drinks cold?

It's important to serve drinks cold, especially wine and cocktails, for many reasons, such as:

  • Texture: A drink's texture can be influenced by its temperature. Warm beverages might seem heavy or cloying, but cold drinks typically feel more energizing and refreshing.
  • Flavor: Presenting wine and other drinks at the right temperature enhances their tastes and fragrances. For instance, white wine is often served cold to enhance its crisp and refreshing flavor.
  • Preservation: Serving drinks cold can also help maintain their quality and prevent spoilage. This is essential for wine, in particular, since it can deteriorate or turn into vinegar at high temperatures.
  • Presentation: Serving drinks cold helps improve their aesthetic appeal. Visually pleasing and evoking anticipation in the drinker is a cold glass or a bottle with condensation.

In conclusion, it's crucial to serve wine and cocktails at the right temperature to improve their flavor, texture, and appearance while also maintaining their quality.

What are the essential ice tools?

Our stylish ice tools are divided into subcategories:

  • Ice tongs - Ice tongs are a type of small kitchen utensil built specifically to pick up and hold ice cubes. Usually, they have two long, narrow arms with serrated edges that can grab and retain ice crystals firmly. The tongs can open and close like a pair of scissors because the arms are linked at one end by a hinge or pivot.
  • Cube molds - Cube molds are small containers used to make ice cubes in the shape of a cube. Water is poured into each compartment and then frozen until solid. Once the ice cubes are frozen, the tray can be twisted or flexed to release the cubes.
  • Ice buckets - Ice buckets are containers made especially to store ice cubes or broken ice, maintaining their coldness and preventing them from melting quickly.

These ice tools are all selected from top brands such as Stelton, House Doctor, and Lekue. To chill your wine or champagne bottle, you can also explore our bottle coolers.