Spare paper roll holders

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alessi birillo reserverolhouder ALPL18W
Spare roll holder MIAOU, 37 cm, desert sand, Koziol KOZ7221121
Spare roll holder MINDSET, mineral gray, Brabantia BRAB303166
Spare roll holder MINDSET, mineral white, Brabantia BRAB303180
Spare roll holder NEXIO 22 cm, black, Blomus BM66315
Spare roll holder, black, Brabantia
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Spare roll holder, black, Brabantia
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Spare roll holder, matt steel, Brabantia
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Spare roll holder, platinum, Brabantia BRAB483424
Spare roll holder, platinum, Brabantia
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Spare roll holder, white, Brabantia
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Spare roll holder, white, Brabantia
32,49 €
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Spare paper roll holders – your bathroom emergency board

What are spare paper roll holders?

Spare paper roll holders are bathroom accessories used to hold extra rolls of toilet paper in a bathroom (usually at least two rolls). They are typically made from durable materials such as steel and stainless steel and can be found in a variety of finishes to match the decor of the bathroom.

They are designed to provide a convenient and accessible location to store additional rolls of toilet paper so that they can be easily accessed when the current roll runs out.

What are the different types of paper holders?

There are several varieties of paper holders to choose from, including:

  • Paper holder: A paper holder is a wall-mounted item that normally sits next to a toilet and holds one roll of toilet paper. The spindle, which is fixed horizontally on the holder, is positioned on top of the roll of paper.
  • Paper stand: One roll of toilet paper can be stored in a standalone paper stand. A spindle or post may be used to support the roll, and it normally has a weighted base to prevent tipping.
  • Spare roll holder: Is made to accommodate extra toilet paper rolls. These paper holders available in Kulina in a range of materials, shapes, patterns and designs to fit any bathroom decor, were carefully chosen from renowned manufacturers like Blomus and Brabantia.

What are the benefits of using a spare paper roll holder?

Spare paper roll holders have several benefits:

  • Convenience: When you run out of toilet paper, you won't have to dig through closets or drawers to find extra rolls since a spare paper roll holder keeps them in a visible location.
  • Organisation: Keeping extra paper rolls in a holder and neatly stacked in your bathroom or other location will help make everything there more organised. This can be especially useful if you're sharing the area with other people.
  • Decorative: You can choose a spare paper roll holder that matches your décor and adds a chic touch to your bathroom or other space by choosing from a number of designs and finishes.

You may also look through other bathroom necessities, such as towel hangers, cosmetic accessories, and more, to keep your bathroom organised.