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Contact grill KG 2392 Severin 1800 W
106,99 €
Contact multifunctional KG grill 2394 Severin 800 W
32,99 €
Electric contact grill 2v1 LONO WMF
179 €
Electric grill Optigril Elite GC750D30 Tefal
339 €
Electric grill PG 8104 SEVO G Severin 3000 W
327,99 €
Electric grill PG 8105 SEVO GS Severin 3000 W
409,99 €
Electric grill PG 8106 SEVO GT Severin 3000 W
505,90 €
Electric grill PG 8113 SENOA BOOST Severin 3000 W
163,99 €
Electric grill PG 8114 SENOA DIGITAL BOOST Severin 3000 W SEVEPG8114
Electric grill PG 8117 SENOA BOOST S Severin 3000 W
196,99 €
Electric grill PG 8118 SENOA DIGITAL BOOST S Severin 3000 W SEVEPG8118
Electric grill PG 8123 STYLE Evo Severin 2300 W
147,99 €
Electric grill PG 8124 STYLE EVO S Severin 2500 W
174 €
Electric grill PG 8139 SEVO SMART Severin GTS 3000 W
983,99 €
Electric grill PG 8545 STEAKBOARD Severin 2300 W
114,50 €
Electric grill PG 8562 Severin 2200 W
81,99 €
Electric grill Quadro LONO WMF
109 €
Electric grill SuperGrill Timer EU UC 700 GC451B12 Tefal TEFGC451B12
Electric Master-grill LONO WMF
199 €
Electric stand grill with lid PG 8541 Severin 2000 W SEVEPG8541
Electric tabletop BBQ grill LONO WMF
145 €
Electric tabletop grill LONO WMF
155 €
Table grill with glass lid LONO WMF
199 €
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Electric grills – for fast, ecological and effective grilling

Electric grills are a quick and easy option for those who do not necessarily have the ambition to become a grill master.  All you need is a power outlet and you are able to operate the grill quickly, and safely and clean it very easily.

If you are looking for an electric grill to be used in the kitchen, choose one from the tabletop models or contact grills with the lid and if you are looking for something that you will be able to use in your garden, probably for a larger bunch of people, go for outdoor electric grill. No matter which you choose there will be no smoke, no fumes and no need to stand over the grill for hours.

If you are wondering which grill to choose, see the most important advantages of electric grills below and read our shopping guide on all types of grills here.

What are the advantages of using electric grills?

  • they are easy to use as they heat evenly so you don’t need to worry whether the meat is directly over the fire. It is a great option for less-skilled cooks
  • electric grills are ecological and hygienic to use - there are no exhaust gases and no waste. You avoid smoke and charred food scraps
  • the temperature can be regulated and monitored very easily, most electric grills constantly inform about the current temperature of the plate, which can be set specifically to answer your needs