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Knives – your best kitchen weapon and the most important kitchen tool!

There is no kitchen without knives. And good knives are very important for every chef – no matter if you are a home chef or a master chef in Michelin restaurant. (You can read more about choosing the right knife for your kitchen  in our complete guide on knives here) 

Which knives do you need?

High-quality knives can be very expensive but investing in your knife is a good strategy as knives made by reliable brands such as Zwilling, Forged, Wusthof or WMF are very durable (so you don’t need to buy new knives every couple of years) and comfortable to use.

The good news is that for basic kitchen tasks you need only three types of knives:

  1. Chef's knife - big knife for different kinds of culinary tasks
  2. Vegetable and fruit knife – small, handy knife for small tasks and ingredients
  3. Bread knife – a knife with a serrated blade

What kinds of knives can you buy for your kitchen?

In Kulina you will find a great number of top-quality kitchen knives for different ingredients and different purposes. We have got knives that work really well with meat – boning knives, carving knives, Santoku knives, butcher’s knives and cleavers. We also offer a lot of vegetable knives for peeling or paring. We also have some special purpose knives – for slicing, salmon, ham, steaks, cheese, pastry or gourmet knives.

You can also buy a set of knives that will be useful for all types of culinary tasks or a set of cheese knives. This is also a great gift idea for a wedding or some cooking lover’s birthday. If you love meat or if you are looking for a great present for your husband, father or friend who loves BBQ and meat, you can also think about  a set of steak knives  with an elegant case for safe storage. 

How to care about your knives and how to store them?

If you want your knives to last a lifetime, please remember to:

  • wash them by hand right after use and dry them with a cloth (avoid putting your knives in the dishwasher, especially those with wooden handles),
  • always use  a cutting board  and make sure it’s made from material that doesn’t blunt knives
  • store your knives separately, in a  knife block or on a special rack
  • sharpen your knives regularly and by using the right tools for it – see our  knife sharpeners here