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Wall decorations for your four walls

If you want to add style, character and dimension to your interior, wall decorations are a good way to do it.   And you don’t have to be an art connoisseur to decorate your walls as modern graphics and posters when put in a nice frame that matches the style of your interior can look really good and are very affordable.

How to hang wall art correctly?

  • hang single artwork pieces at  eye level following the 57 inches rule which says that the centre of the picture should be at the height of 57 inches (145 cm). That’s the standard eye height of the average person and the way they do it in most art galleries and museums,
  • if you are hanging a painting or a poster over a piece of furniture, hang it about 10 – 15 cm above the piece,
  • make your favourite poster or print a focal point in your room, hanging it above a fireplace, sofa or chest of drawers, or in the middle of a wall,
  • hang posters, prints or photo frames with the same motif, color and style and by the same author in bigger groups, symmetrically, above your bed, along the wall,
  • pay a lot of attention to frames – they can make your wall art pieces look even nicer or completely spoil their look

Although wall art is a great way of adding depth and warmth to the interior, you don’t have to hang paintings or posters on every wall. Sometimes one big print or painting over the sofa in your living room will be enough. On the other hand, a group of many different prints of different sizes and with different frames can be a great idea if you like personalized, cosy, homely interiors. Choose whatever suits you, but remember the scale, spacing and good taste.