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Dining cutlery set INDIAN SUMMER, set of 3 pcs, Dellinger DNGR8595705406865
Brunch knife NUOVA, set of 2 pcs, WMF
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19,90 €
Butter knife STELLA, set of 4 pcs, Blomus BM63954
Coffee spoon set NUOVA, 6 pcs, WMF
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22,90 €
Cutlery set AMICI, 24 pcs, Alessi
290 €
Cutlery set CACCIA, 24 pcs, Alessi
450 €
Cutlery set DRESSED, 24 pcs, Alessi
325 €
Cutlery set DRY, 24 pcs, Alessi
370 €
Cutlery set DRY, 30 pcs, Alessi
440 €
Cutlery set KEYTLERY 24 pcs, gold, Seletti SLT07374
Cutlery set MAMI, 24 pcs, Alessi
460 €
Cutlery set MU, 24 pcs, Alessi
380 €
Cutlery set NUOVO MILANO, 24 pcs, Alessi AL5180S24
Cutlery set NUOVO MILANO, 30 pcs, Alessi AL5180S30
Cutlery set OVALE, 24 pcs, Alessi
220 €
Cutlery set RUNDES MODELL, 24 pcs, Alessi ALJH01S24
Cutlery set SANTIAGO, 24 pcs, Alessi
255 €
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Cutlery Sets – your best set for setting your table

Cutlery and cutlery sets can easily enhance the presentation of your dining space, especially when paired with matching crockery and dinnerware. Cutlery sets can range from standard ones for family dinners (including basic dinner cutlery for one or 6 persons) to extensive ones with serving cutlery and special-purpose pieces to be used with a variety of foods.

There are different types of cutlery sets such as a standard dining set including a spoon, a knife, a fork and a teaspoon as well as sets of teaspoons or dessert forks. Cutlery sets also relate to fish and seafood cutlery sets, salad spoons sets or serving cutlery sets.

How many sets of cutlery should I own? How big should my cutlery sets be?

In order to answer this question take into consideration how many people are there in your family, how often you invite friends and how many people you usually invite for family dinners or Xmas dinners. Get yourself at least two cutlery sets - one for everyday use and one for special occasions.

What use does having a high-quality cutlery set serve?

An excellent cutlery set will last a lifetime, accompanying you during the most important meals, holiday dinners and family occasions. Cutlery has a practical purpose, but it also contributes significantly to your eating experience.

It improves the appearance of your table, sets the tone, and indicates whether the meal will have a casual or a formal atmosphere that calls for elegance. With our wide selection of cutlery available in different styles and colours, you may easily customise your table setting to meet your specific dining demands.

How can I pick the best cutlery set?

Whether you like formal dining or informal meals, a quality cutlery set is worth the investment. Cutlery sets come in a variety of styles, from inexpensive and practical for daily use to superbly handmade and elegant for special occasions.

We have beautiful cutlery sets at Kulina to accommodate any number of guests, every style and every circumstance. Find your ideal cutlery set to make every meal experience unique with recognizable brands like WMF and Zwilling.