bread baskets

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Bread basket 23 cm, dark green, cotton, Stelton SN1344
Bread basket DELARA L 30 cm, taupe, Blomus BM63676
Bread basket DELARA L, 26 cm, beige, Blomus BM64075
Bread basket DELARA L, 26 cm, beige, Blomus BM63758
Bread basket DELARA L, 26 cm, dark grey, Blomus BM64072
Bread basket DELARA L, 26 cm, grey, Blomus BM64073
Bread basket DELARA M, 21 cm, black, Blomus BM63871
Bread basket DELARA M, 21 cm, taupe, Blomus BM63667
Bread basket DESA L, black, Blomus
40,75 €
Bread basket DESA L, cream, Blomus
40,75 €
Bread basket DESA L, grey, Blomus
40,75 €
Bread basket DESA S, dark grey, Blomus
35,65 €
Bread basket DESA S, grey, Blomus
35,65 €
Bread basket RANE 25 cm, black, Philippi
41,50 €
Bread basket RANE 30 cm, black, Philippi
62,50 €
Storage basket TELA L, anthracite, Blomus
15,25 €
Storage basket TELA L, brown, Blomus
15,25 €
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Bread baskets – a great way of serving your bread

What are bread baskets used for?

Bread baskets are used for serving bread and other baked products at the dining table. They generally come in a range of sizes and forms and are constructed of materials like cotton, synthetic fabric, aluminium or steel. Bread baskets are often seen at restaurants, cafés, and hotels and can be used for both domestic and commercial purposes. They can also be used in the kitchen - on the kitchen counters or kitchen tables - to store and serve bread, cakes or fruit. They can be a nice alternative to standard bread bins or fruit baskets.

Generally speaking, a carefully chosen bread basket, matching the arrangement of your dining room or kitchen can be a useful addition to your dinnerware, giving your table setting a little charm and originality.

What can I serve in a bread basket?

A bread basket can be used to offer a range of various food, including:

  • bread,
  • bread rolls,
  • pita, focaccia, roti
  • muffins and scones,
  • and fruit

Which materials are used for bread baskets?

Many materials may be used to make bread baskets, and each has a distinct appearance and feel. The most typical materials used in manufacturing bread baskets are:

  • Cotton, nylon or polyester bread baskets – cotton, nylon or polyester bread baskets are light, and breathable. They are frequently used to store bread in the kitchen or to serve bread at the table. The fabric basket/ pad is usually supported by a steel frame and is easy to keep clean as it is usually machine washable. Bread baskets constructed of synthetic fabrics or cotton are often used for picnics or outdoor situations.
  • Steel bread baskets – steel bread baskets are durable and simple to clean. They are often used in public places like cafés and restaurants.
  • Cane bread baskets – bread baskets made of cane are portable and environmentally friendly. They are often used to serve bread at the table and have a natural, rustic appearance.
  • Aluminium – lightweight and durable bread baskets constructed of aluminium, are very often used in business environments, including hotels and cafes.

Overall, bread baskets come in a wide variety of materials and designs, each having a distinct appearance and feel. Choose from our collection of bread baskets made by renowned companies like Blomus and make sure you also check our collection of bread knives and bread bins.