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Kids zone – how to organize your child’s space?

Kids need a safe space in their lives. A space in which they can hide, rest, play and relax. And your kids' room definitely should be that kind of space. But how to arrange it? How to style a child’s room so that it is child and parent friendly? So that it calms down and becomes an environment in which children want to stay, learn and develop.

Check our short list of must-haves for your kids' zone and make sure there is everything they need.

Toys, of course! Toys are very important for proper child development. They help kids develop their social and communicating skills, and motor skills, stimulate their concentration levels and improve their attention span and memory. Learning through play is an essential part of a child's development so make sure you provide your kids with a variety of different toys. If you want their toys to be eco-friendly and last for ages go for wooden toys and if you want your kids to develop social skills don’t forget about toys that allow for role-playing. Choose different toys depending on the age of your child but don’t overwhelm him or her with too many of them.

Kids textiles and carpets - Kids love cuddling, they need physical touch and they crave hugs and kisses. They need comfort and a safe place where they can relax if they feel scared or nervous. Kids textiles such as cushions, blankets or carpets, just like soft toys, help to arrange this kind of cosy, child-friendly interior, so make sure there are plenty of them in your child's room.

Kids lamps are perfect tools for creating an intimate atmosphere in the interior. When looking for lamps for your kid’s room make sure you choose a ceiling lamp but also table lamps or wall lights that will serve as accent lighting that sets the mood and helps to create a relaxed, warm, safe atmosphere in the room.