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Trivet MAGNETIC 20 cm, champagne, Eva Solo ES530770
Trivet MAGNETIC 20 cm, mocca, Eva Solo
34,95 €
Bagel baking mould, set of 6 pcs, brown, silicone, Lékué LKE0220350M10M017
Baguette baking mold, silicone, brown, Lékué LKE0203100M10M017
Baguette tray 40 cm, set of 3 pcs, de Buyer DB336603
Baguettetray, burgundy red, Emile Henry EH345506
Baking mat 60 x 40 cm, black, silicone, Lékué LKE0231360B04M067
Baking mat for macaroons 40 x 30 cm, de Buyer DB493540
Baking mat, 40 x 30 cm, black, silicone, Lékué LKE0231340B04M067
Baking ring 10 cm, round, stainless steel, de Buyer DB309110N
Baking ring 12 cm, stainless steel, de Buyer DB309112N
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Baking – sweet topping or gravy?

Is roast turkey or a duck your family tradition? Do you roast meat for Xmas or Easter dinner? Are you a fan of a Sunday roast or maybe you are a meat lover and you simply love the taste of roasted meat no matter what the day of the week is or if there is a special occasion for it?

Or maybe you use the oven mainly to prepare something sweet, to bake a cake at the weekend, to make muffins for a picnic or a cake for a birthday party?

No matter what you bake or roast in your oven, you will definitely need some equipment to make the baking experience easy and the results spectacular. In Kulina we offer perfect baking accessories and gadgets for all home cooks, so please see below the checklist and find out what you need to make your cakes and roasts finger-licking good!

What equipment do you need for baking cakes?

Obviously, the answer to this question depends on how much into baking and decorating cakes you are but we can easily divide products made for baking into three categories which are:

  • baking pans (including different types of cake pans and tins in different shapes and sizes)
  • baking sheets
  • baking accessories (including icing and decorating spatulas, decorating tools and accessories, as well as tools for serving your perfect cakes)

What equipment do you need for roasting meat?

The essential tools for roasting different kinds of meat are:

  • roasting pans (these come in different materials, sizes and with different accessories)
  • oven dishes (perfect for lasagnas, baked vegetables, pasta bakes, etc.)
  • food thermometers

Whatever you bake, remember about your safety. Use oven gloves, wear stylish aprons and use trivets to protect your kitchen and table tops.