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Colander 2,4 l, Brabantia
Colander 2,4 l, Brabantia
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Colander 24 cm, stainless steel, WMF
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Colander 24 cm, Zwilling
Colander 24 cm, Zwilling
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Colander CUBIC L, green, Joseph Joseph JS40088
Colander DUO, red, Joseph Joseph
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Colander GOOD GRIPS 2,5 l, white, plastic, OXO OXO11166900
Colander GOURMET 20 cm, WMF
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cednik max le chinois alessi 30 cm 1
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Colander PALSBY L, 30 cm, coral, Koziol KOZ7808704
Colander PALSBY M, 21 cm, blue, Koziol
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Colander PALSBY M, 21 cm, coral, Koziol KOZ7806704
Colander PALSBY M, 21 cm, natural ash grey, Koziol KOZ7806701
Colander PALSBY M, 21 cm, pink, Koziol KOZ7806703
Colander PROFI PLUS 20 cm, WMF
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Colander spoon SCOOP L, black, Joseph Joseph JS10066
Colander SQUARE, white, Joseph Joseph JS40092
Colander, set of 2 pcs, grey, Joseph Joseph JS40094
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Colanders, Strainers and Funnels – a must-have in your kitchen

Colanders, strainers and funnels are essential kitchen accessories (see our shopping guide on 10 kitchen must-haves here). You will need them for various kitchen tasks so make sure you choose the right accessories that suit your needs.

What is the difference between a colander and a strainer?

Colanders and strainers alike have holes used to drain fluids from food after cooking or washing it. The main difference between them is that a colander is usually a larger, bowl-shaped utensil with bigger holes in its walls and in the bottom and quite often it has feet that allow you to put it in the sink, while a strainer is a bowl-shaped device but with a fine mesh, often equipped with a long handle at one end and a small one on the opposite side, so you can hang it over a pot or hold it. The small mesh of a strainer can be used for greater filtration and for pureeing vegetables. Still, both can be used for draining pasta!

Funnels on the other hand are used to channel liquids or fine-grained substances into containers with small openings. The purpose of using the funnel is to minimize spillage during the transfer of the liquid into the container. You can use a funnel for homemade juices (like raspberry juice), tinctures and liqueurs. A wide-mouth funnel can be used for putting homemade jams into jars.

How do I clean the strainer?

Cleaning your strainer may seem difficult especially if the steel mesh is quite fine. It will be easier if you mix some warm water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid and soak your strainer in a kitchen bowl for about 15 minutes. Next, rinse it to remove any soapy water. However, avoid using chlorine or bleach or extremely hot water as they may damage stainless steel and cause it to rust. Additionally, try to wash your strainer right after use to make cleaning easier.

What should you consider when buying a colander or strainer?

When buying a colander or strainer for your kitchen make sure you consider the following:


Bamboo, plastic and stainless steel are just a few of the materials used to make colanders, strainers or funnels. Make sure the material you select is food-safe, highly durable and rust-resistant. Remember that poor-quality, cheap plastic when used in high temperatures may release harmful substances and that's why in Kulina we offer only certified, BPA-free, food-safe materials.


Think of how much food you usually cook. If you cook a lot of pasta because you have a large family or if you usually cook large amounts of vegetables for your dinner, you may need a bigger colander.

If you are a fan of pasta, you can also check our pasta pots which are equipped with matching colanders that will hold and drain a large amount of pasta. And if you care for your health you may also be interested in our offer of steam pots and steam inserts that will help you steam vegetables - this lets you keep more nutrients than if you cook vegetables in water.


Each colander or strainer has holes of different sizes. The finer mesh type can be used for blended fruit/vegetables and has a high filtration function. Colanders have bigger holes so you can't use them to rinse buckwheat groats for example. Think of the food you usually prepare and choose the accessory that best meets your needs.

In Kulina you will find a wide selection of top-notch colanders, strainers, colander spoons, funnels as well as slotted spoons - all from reputable manufacturers like Koziol, WMF, and Joseph Joseph. Check us out!