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Bread knife ALPHA OAK 32 cm, brown, Güde
Bread knife ALPHA POM 32 cm, black, Güde
Bread knife DELTA 26 cm, brown, Güde
202 €
Bread knife KAPPA 21 cm, silver, Güde
Bread knife SYNCHROS 32 cm, brown, Güde
Pastry knife RAN PLUS 23 cm, black, Yaxell
Pastry knife VIVUM 26 cm, steel, brown, F.DICK
Bread knife 1905 21 cm, F.Dick
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Bread knife 21 cm, F.Dick
Bread knife 21 cm, F.Dick
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Bread knife 21 cm, Victorinox
35 €
Bread knife 21 cm, wood, Victorinox
77,90 €
Bread knife Amici Wüsthof 23 cm
255 €
Bread knife BRUTE 20,5 cm, Forged
68 €
Bread knife CLASSIC 20 cm, Wüsthof
110 €
Bread knife CLASSIC 23 cm, Wüsthof
121 €
Bread knife CLASSIC COLOUR 23 cm, purple yam, Wüsthof WU1061706223
Bread knife CLASSIC IKON 20 cm, cream, Wüsthof WU4166020
Bread knife CLASSIC IKON 20 cm, Wüsthof WU416620
Bread knife CLASSIC IKON 23 cm, Wüsthof WU416623
Bread knife CLASSIC IKON CREME 23 cm, Wüsthof WU1030431123
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Bread knife CLASSIC WHITE 23 cm, Wüsthof WU1040201123
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Bread knife - a knife for every kitchen

What makes a knife a bread knife?

A bread knife is a long knife with a serrated blade. It’s usually quite flexible and delicate enough to keep the bread intact while still slicing it. The serrated blade allows you to cut soft bread and go through its crust with no jagged edges and without crushing and flattening the loaf. This type of knife is one of the three essential knives for every kitchen – please see our ultimate guide on buying a knife here.

In Kulina you will find quality stainless steel bread knives manufactured by reliable brands such as Wusthof, Zwilling or WMF. You can also choose forged bread knives by Dutch brand Forged or check our best-sellling bread knives here.

What is a bread knife used for?

A bread knife is very versatile and it may be used not only for slicing bread. Thanks to its serrated blade it’s perfect for cutting through both soft cakes (sponge) and dense cakes (pound cakes), all fruit and vegetables with hard skin – tomatoes, pineapples, pumpkin, watermelon, etc.

How to sharpen a bread knife?

A knife bread should be sharpened but it doesn’t need to be sharpened as often as a chef’s knife. There is no such thing as an automatic serrated knife sharpener so you need to do it manually. To sharpen a knife with a serrated blade you will need a ceramic or steel honing rod. Take your bread knife, lay it down on the rod and move it up and down a few times. You need to do this teeth by teeth all the way down the knife, gently passing the rod through each serration. You can also take your knife to a specialist.

How to take care of your bread knife?

If you want your bread knife to last for ages, make sure you follow these simple rules for cleaning and storing your knives:

  • knives are often dishwasher-safe but we recommend you clean your knife by hand as dishwasher detergents can damage the surface of a steel blade
  • if a knife has a wooden handle, do not put it in the dishwasher
  • to prevent wooden handles from becoming dry, regularly oil them with linseed oil or beeswax
  • store your knife separately so that the blades do not get dull. Use a knife block or a knife case
  • sharpen your knife regularly