Electric meat grinders

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Electric meat grinders – your powerful kitchen helper

What is an electric meat grinder?

An electric meat grinder is an appliance in the kitchen that is used to grind meat, just as the name implies. In comparison to a manual meat grinder, they are more practical and efficient. The meat is ground using a motor-driven spinning blade, and the ground meat is then collected in a bowl-shaped container.

How do you clean a meat grinder?

It should come as no surprise that your grinder needs to be properly cleaned immediately after each usage since you're working with raw meat to prevent cross-contamination and foodborne disease. Start by feeding the machine one to two slices of bread.

This will help eliminate any small piece of meat stuck inside. After that, carefully disassemble your system after unplugging it. Check the manual to see whether any of the parts can go directly into the dishwasher. To wash by hand, first soak any detachable parts in warm, soapy water for a few minutes to help release oils and other residues, and then gently sponge clean.

An electric model's actual motor base should never be immersed, but it also shouldn't have any parts of meat within. You can clean the interior and exterior of the motor housing with a moist cloth. To prevent rust and other early damage, quickly dry all the parts with a dish towel after cleaning. Never assemble the grinder until the parts are 100% dry.

Can meat grinders grind bones?

Many grinders can grind soft bones from chickens, ducks, other small birds, and rabbits. Turkey is similarly regarded as having soft bones, but because the meat is significantly denser, your grinder can have a very hard time processing it.

Many household meat grinders can't break down tough bones from large animals like cattle, hog, lamb, venison, and others. Always note that it is very important to check your machine's handbook to find out what it can and cannot grind, and under no circumstance push frozen meat through a grinder because doing so may damage its parts.

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