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Cooler box KX25, 25 l, sand, Petromax
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Cooler box KX50, 50 l, olive, Petromax PET790373

Let's have a picnic!

Having a picnic is always fun! No matter if you decide to have it in your own garden, in the nearby park, in the forest, at the lake or on the beach, you will surely have a great time with your friends or family as staying close to nature with good food and some nice snacks is always a good idea. And you can save some money as well! But if you want to make sure you spend time in a stylish and comfortable way, you need to have the right picnic accessories.

What do you need for a perfect picnic?

In Kulina we offer you everything that may be useful when you decide to have a sandwich on the grass. First of all gather all the things that you may need such as a picnic blanket, picnic basket, sunblock, bug repellent, napkins, plastic glasses and plates. Don’t forget about a trash bag to clean up when you are done!

Next, think about the food and drinks you want to have at your picnic. Prepare some food containers or lunchboxes and don’t forget about water bottles or thermal mugs. If you want to keep your food and drinks at the right temperature, make sure you have a stylish travel cooler and also a bottle cooler for your wine! And last but not least, bring a smile with you!