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Egg slicer, WMF
Egg slicer, WMF
In stock (23 pcs)
32,90 €
Egg topper, WMF
Egg topper, WMF
In stock (23 pcs)
10,90 €
Apple corer PROFI PLUS 21,5 cm, WMF
16,90 €
Apple corer PROFI PLUS 24 cm, WMF
21,90 €
Apple corer, F.Dick
Apple corer, F.Dick
In stock (8 pcs)
8 €
Apple cutter GOURMET, WMF
Apple cutter GOURMET, WMF
In stock (26 pcs)
21,90 €
Avocado masher GOOD GRIPS 30 cm, black, plastic, OXO OXO11324800
Avocado tool DUO, Joseph Joseph
13 €
Avocado tool GOAVOCADO, Joseph Joseph JS20112
Box grater DUO, red, Joseph Joseph
23 €
Box grater ELITE SPECIALITY, black, Microplane MI34019
Box grater INGENIO, 2-sided, Tefal
24,49 €
Box grater TOP TOOLS, WMF
Box grater TOP TOOLS, WMF
In stock (38 pcs)
54,90 €
Citrus peeler PRO, Zwilling
20,49 €
Citrus peeler, F.Dick
Citrus peeler, F.Dick
In stock (1 pcs)
13 €
Coarse hand grater GOURMET, Microplane
30,49 €
Coarse hand grater PROFESSIONAL, Microplane MI38008
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Graters and slicers – the best way to slice and cut your fruits and veggies

What are the advantages of kitchen graters and slicers?

Graters and slicers help you cut your vegetables into small and even pieces faster and easier. Therefore they are very useful for making all kinds of salads and vegetable dishes.

What is the difference between shredding and grating vegetables?

"Grating" and "shredding" are frequently used interchangeably but are two different but related processes. To shred anything is to cut it into thin strips using a manual or electric shredder. Grating, on the other hand, is the process of reducing food to short, crumb-like fragments.

What types of kitchen graters and slicers will you find in Kulina?

Kulina offers a selection of different kitchen graters and slicers suitable both for vegetables and fruits. All our products are high-quality kitchen tools from reliable brands such as Microplane (a brand specialising in graters that are often chosen by the best chefs), WMF and Joseph Joseph so you can be sure that our graters will stay with you for ages.

In Kulina you will find:

Which graters do chefs use?

One of the graters most frequently used by elite chefs are the graters by Microplane brand. The brand is famous for its hand graters and Zesters - fine graters perfect for ginger, garlic and lemon zest.

You can also look through our collection of food processors and electric food choppers and shredders, which you can use for greater amounts of vegetables and more culinary tasks other than grating.