Rosendahl - the essence of elegance and timeless Danish design. Top quality products, simple, clear lines, famous Scandinavian designers. Brand's philosophy is "to make every day beautiful with products that are designed to celebrate both life’s big special occasions and everyday magical moments". Let's do it!
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Citrus squeezer GRAND CRU 250 ml, black, Rosendahl RSD16084
Cocktail shaker GRAND CRU 20 cm, Rosendahl RSD18730
Dinner plate GRAND CRU 27 cm, white, Rosendahl RSD20510
Dressing shaker GRAND CRU 250 ml, black, Rosendahl RSD16096
Egg cup GRAND CRU, set of 2 pcs, white, Rosendahl RSD20585
Electric kettle GRAND CRU 1,4 l, black, Rosendahl RSD27202
Flowerpot RECYCLED 12 cm, burgundy, Rosendahl RSD20640
Flowerpot RECYCLED 12 cm, dark green, Rosendahl RSD20620
Flowerpot RECYCLED 12 cm, sand, Rosendahl RSD20630
Flowerpot RECYCLED 15 cm, burgundy, Rosendahl RSD20641
Flowerpot RECYCLED 15 cm, dark green, Rosendahl RSD20621
Flowerpot RECYCLED 19 cm, burgundy, Rosendahl RSD20642
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Rosendahl - one of the icons of the Danish design

Founded in 1993 by the forward-thinking Erik Rosendahl, Rosendahl has become one of Denmark's most well-known design houses. Rosendahl's philosophy is rooted in the belief that quality design should be accessible to everyone. This vision led to a focus on designing products that enhance people's everyday lives.

From the outset, Rosendahl's approach has been commercial, creating a proud tradition of Danish design known for its simplicity and functionality. These designs aim to beautify and simplify daily routines while remaining durable enough to withstand frequent use.

Rosendahl's values, style and product range

The brand values sustainability and responsibility and strives to use circular and recyclable materials in its products. Rosendahl's designs balance aesthetics and functionality and are created to withstand daily use. The brand believes that good design should be independent of any time or trend and that it should last year after year. Rosendahl works with different designers to create high-quality designs that appeal to most people, and it always stays true to its values and philosophy.

The exquisite details and practical features of Rosendahl's designs have made them a popular choice for customers who value timeless elegance and quality. Over the years, Rosendahl has worked with leading designers to create a wide range of products, including kitchenware, dinnerware, and home and garden accessories. Today, Rosendahl is known for its simple, functional designs that blend beauty and practicality, making it a popular choice among design-conscious consumers worldwide.

Rosendahl's icons and bestsellers

At the heart of Rosendahl's success are its talented and experienced designers who have brought to life many of Rosendahl's classics.

Erik Bagger's Grand Cru collection of glassware and dinnerware for Rosendahl is a stunning example of Danish design at its finest. The collection features clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic that is both elegant and functional. The original collection consisted of a range of glassware, such as drinking glasses, wine glasses, water glasses, bowls, serving dishes, plates, water and wine carafes, all made of high-quality materials - premium glass and durable porcelain that is both dishwasher and microwave safe.

What sets the Grand Cru collection apart is its versatility and design with characteristic groves. Its simple, timeless design makes it suitable for both casual and formal occasions. Whether you are hosting a dinner party or enjoying a simple meal at home, the Grand Cru collection offers both beauty and functionality. It's no wonder that the collection has won numerous design awards, including the prestigious Red Dot Design Award and has been redesigned to accompany modern homes and interiors.

Another bestselling product is Rosendahl's award-winning thermos jug, which is a testament to the brand's commitment to creating products that are both functional and beautiful. The thermos jug is designed to keep beverages hot or cold for hours, making it perfect for use at home, in the office, or on the go. What sets this thermos jug apart is its elegant, minimalist design and the wide range of stylish colours it is available in. The jug has received numerous design awards, including the Red Dot Design Award, for its innovative design and functionality. Whether you prefer a classic black or white thermos or want to add a pop of colour to your kitchen or workspace, Rosendahl's thermos jug offers both style and performance in one beautiful package.