Gifts for cooking lovers and foodies

For food and cooking lovers

How can we please those for whom cooking is pure joy? Well, by offering them proper equipment. Because cooking with the right tools is more fun and the results are even better. And if the kitchen equipment is also beautiful, it will look great both in the kitchen and on Instagram.


Set of pots Function WMF

Basic kitchen equipment

Pots, pans, knives, salt and pepper mills. For those with a passion for cooking and for those who want to take their art of cooking to a higher level, a quality pot or knife in the kitchen means the same as a little black dress or a trench coat in the wardrobe. They are basics. We have gathered them for you in our guide to 10 kitchen essentials.


Tefal pressure cooker

Let the culinary adventure start

For broths, which are the basis of so many dishes, for legumes, for meat, but also for adventurous journeys to new culinary destinations. A pressure cooker will help you to cook all these dishes (and much more) and it is simply a must for every cooking enthusiast.


De Buyer steak gift set

Perfect steak

Perfectly prepared meat requires quality ingredients, a little practice and, above all, a good pan. Chefs usually prefer traditional steel pans for meat preparation, such as pans by the French brand de Buyer, durable cast iron or copper pans. Alternatively, you can go for more advanced, modern technology that can combine a non-stick surface and excellent heat conductivity, such as the ProfiResist pan by a German brand WMF



Electric grill Optigril Elite Tefal

Grilling all year round

A lover of good food and juicy meat should be limited neither by the season nor by the weather. Just pull out the electric grill and enjoy a warm dinner in a few moments - meat, grilled vegetables, but also paninis or tortillas taste gorgeous when made on the grill. And while the aroma of the grill wafts through the kitchen, the chef can "go wild" with salsas and sauces.


Sous Vide Severin pot

For advanced cooks

Surprise him or her with an appliance or a gadget that will widen their culinary horizons. Cooking in a vacuum at low temperatures with sous vide pot, preparing fresh homemade yoghurt according to your own taste (Greek, yoghurt drinks but also vegan or lactose-free) or making your eggs exactly the way you wish. These are the "tricks" that all fans of great food and fine dining will appreciate.



Chef's knife Samurai Dellinger

The perfect tool for Samurai kitchen

He probably already has a basic set of knives. But what about giving him "something he doesn't need, but would definitely like to have"? Because if he really enjoys cooking, knives are not just tools, but most of all they are an expression of his personality. And for this reason, they are perfect gifts, for example, Dellinger knives. They feature impressive design, are sharp and robust, and because they are made of damascene steel, they offer exceptional cutting power. And don't forget to complete the gift with a matching cutting board - for example, one made of acacia wood and with a beautiful pattern.

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ACACIA cheese knife Nicolas Vahé set of 3
22,99 €
Automatic AT toaster 2590 Severin
40,99 €
BBQ utensil set Nicolas Vahé 3 pcs
40 €
Contact multifunctional KG grill 2394 Severin 800 W
32,99 €
Cutting board VLAJKA M UBRD american walnut
124 €
Digital meat thermometer Profi Plus WMF
48,90 €
Electric contact grill 2v1 LONO WMF
179 €
Electric egg cooker KITCHENminis® WMF
69,90 €
Electric grill Optigril Elite GC760D30 Tefal
399 €
Food box 1,0 l WMF Depot
Food box 1,0 l WMF Depot
In stock (>5 pcs)
25,90 €
Food processor Artisan 175 royal red KitchenAid
800 €
Food processor Light and Shadow KitchenAid cream
904 €
Chef's knife Ajax 1905 F.Dick 22 cm
149 €
Chef's knife Performer Wüsthof 20 cm
287 €
Chef's knife Samurai Dellinger 20 cm
134 €
Japanese universal SANTOKU knife 18 cm 4000FC MIYABI
162,90 €
Kitchen set of measuring cups 4 pcs de Buyer
11,90 €
Knife block with flexi insert Continenta
43,49 €
Leather sheath for chef's knife Forged Leather 22cm
14,49 €
Leather sheath for Santoku knife 18 cm Forged Leather
16 € –9 %
Mineral B Element Steel Frying Pan ⌀ 28 cm de Buyer DB561028
Minute kitchen timer Premium One WMF
17,90 €
Nordic Kitchen Cooking Spoon with wooden handle Eva Solo ES530460
Pan O 24 cm ProfiResist WMF
109 €
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