Pasta pots

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Asparagus pot 16 cm, 4,5 l, WMF
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Asparagus pot TWIN SPECIALS 16 cm, 4,5 l, Zwilling ZW40990005
Pasta pot 24 cm, WMF
Pasta pot 24 cm, WMF
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Pasta pot MINI 18 cm, WMF
Pasta pot MINI 18 cm, WMF
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Pasta pots – a treat for pasta lovers!

What is a pasta pot?

Pasta pots are high pots equipped with a strainer (often called a pasta insert). They are usually made of stainless steel and are large in size. A pot for cooking pasta combines the functionality of a stockpot and a colander allowing for easy cooking and draining of pasta without the need to use a colander.

Do I actually need a pasta pot?

If you are a pasta lover, if your kids are pasta enthusiasts and if you cook pasta almost every day, buying a pasta pot will be a good investment. Remember that it can be used without an insert (as a regular stockpot) and that it lets you keep the pasta water that you usually pour out when using a standard colander. Pasta water is very useful for thickening sauces as it is full of starch – never done that? Browse the Internet and check the recipe for Gigi Hadid pasta with vodka!

How do you cook pasta in a pasta pot?

Cooking pasta in a pasta pot is simple and does not require any additional tools. All you have to do is:

  • place the pasta insert in your pot
  • fill it up with water to the appropriate level and bring it to a boil
  • gently add your uncooked pasta and some salt (you can also add a dash of olive oil)
  • turn the heat off when the pasta is cooked to your liking
  • take hot pads or kitchen gloves and grab the handles of the inner pot
  • take the insert out of the pot and hold it over it for a moment, letting the water drain
  • pour the pasta into a bowl or into a pan with a pasta sauce

In Kulina you will find some stylish pasta pots, designed for cooking large and small portions of pasta. Remember that you can always use them as regular pots and not only for cooking and draining pasta but also vegetables, potatoes, etc. All pasta pots are equipped with lids which let you cook your pasta faster and save energy at the same time. Some of them have also internal measurements which make your life in the kitchen even easier. Check our best-selling pasta pots here.

How to take care of your pasta pot?

If you invested in a pasta pot, make sure you clean and take care of it in the right way, so that it stays with you for years. How to clean your pasta pot?

  • always read the manufacturer’s instructions before the first use and make sure you don’t put your pot into a dishwasher if it’s not recommended,
  • don’t use metal utensils that may scratch the surface of your pots, use wood or silicone kitchen utensils instead
  • avoid leaving dirty pot overnight or soaking it for a long time (especially if it is made of stainless steel),
  • if you want to get rid of stains on the surface of your stainless steel pot, clean it with a stainless steel cleaning product,
  • avoid temperature shock, don’t put your hot pasta pot into cold water, etc.