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Fire pit and grill CARUS M, Remundi
1 254 €
Fire pit FIRECUBE 45 cm, steel, Eva Solo
549,95 €
Fire pit and grill NERO L 105, Remundi
1 905 €
Fire pit and grill NERO L 84, Remundi
1 801 €
Firepit and grill NERO L 68, Remundi
1 800 €
Fire pit and grill CARUS L, Remundi
1 706 €
Fire pit and grill NERO M, Remundi
1 372 €
Outdoor fireplace with grill Remundi Nero S RMDI800705
Fire pit FIRESPOT 90 cm, steel, Eva Solo
999,95 €
Fire pit FIRECYLINDER, Eva Solo
499,95 €
Fire pit FIRECONE 63 cm, steel, Eva Solo
469,95 €
Fire pit FIREGLOBE 54 cm, Eva Solo
405 €
Fire pit TRIPLE 120 cm, Höfats
369 €
Fire pit ELLIPSE, Höfats
Fire pit ELLIPSE, Höfats
In stock (1 pcs)
335 €
Grill extension set M, Remundi
323 €
Fire pit BOWL, with tripod, Höfats
299 €
Fire pit TRIPLE 90 cm, Höfats
223 €
Fireplace tool set ASHI, 3 pcs, black, Blomus BM66156
Fireplace tool set ASHI, 3 pcs, brown, Blomus BM66157
Grill plate over open fire FS56 56 cm, Petromax PET701683
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Fire pits & accessories – take your outdoor experience to the next level

What are fire pits?

Are you trying to figure out how to make your outside space more inviting and cosy? Then a fire pit is your best option! A fire pit not only offers cosiness to any outdoor gathering but also warmth on chilly evenings and an option to prepare food in a completely new way. You can maximise your fire pit experience with the appropriate accessories.

Modern fire pits are like designer fireplaces - a form of outdoor decoration. They provide warmth and light to any patio or garden, making them ideal for summer as well as spring or autumn nights.

As many fire pits have grates or racks for cooking over an open fire, they also offer a chance for outdoor cooking. With the correct accessories fire pits can serve as multipurpose addition to your outdoor living area.

Our fire pits at Kulina come in many sizes, styles and forms. They are manufactured by reputable companies like Höfats, Eva Solo and Remundi, and are made of long-lasting, durable materials. We offer both - stationary and portable firepits to make your outdoor time even more appealing.

Where can I place a fire pit?

Depending on the size and style of the fire pit, it may be placed in a range of outdoor areas. A flat surface constructed of non-flammable material, such as concrete, brick, or stone, is ideal for placing fire pits. Avoid setting up fire pits directly on grass since the heat can damage the vegetation and raise the possibility of a fire.

A fire pit can be positioned in the middle of a large patio or backyard to serve as the focal point for outdoor parties. Smaller fire pits can be placed on a large balcony or terrace as long as there is enough ventilation to minimise smoke buildup.

What are fire pit accessories?

With our wide selection of accessories, you can improve your fire pit experience. Among additional accessories offered by fire pit manufacturers, you will find grill plates and grill grids to be attached to a fire pit, tripods for cooking over an open fire, and many more creative and useful accessories that will let you enjoy your fire pit to the fullest.

Our accessories are intended to be as practical and pleasurable as possible when using a fire pit. They are also necessary for a successful and enjoyable gathering, whether you're roasting marshmallows with friends and family or preparing a tasty dinner.

For more tips and items that are appropriate for your outdoor occasions, you can take a look at our shopping guide for outdoor living.