Fire pits

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Fire pit and grill CARUS M, Remundi
1 254 €
Fire pit FIRECUBE 45 cm, steel, Eva Solo
549,95 €
Fire pit and grill NERO L 105, Remundi
1 905 €
Fire pit and grill NERO L 84, Remundi
1 801 €
Firepit and grill NERO L 68, Remundi
1 800 €
Fire pit and grill CARUS L, Remundi
1 706 €
Fire pit and grill NERO M, Remundi
1 372 €
Outdoor fireplace with grill Remundi Nero S RMDI800705
Fire pit FIRESPOT 90 cm, steel, Eva Solo
999,95 €
Fire pit FIRECYLINDER, Eva Solo
499,95 €
Fire pit FIRECONE 63 cm, steel, Eva Solo
469,95 €
Fire pit FIREGLOBE 54 cm, Eva Solo
405 €
Fire pit TRIPLE 120 cm, Höfats
369 €
Fire pit ELLIPSE, Höfats
Fire pit ELLIPSE, Höfats
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Fire pit CUBE 43 x 43 x 44, rusty, Höfats HO020102
Fire pit BOWL, with tripod, Höfats
299 €
Fire pit TRIPLE 90 cm, Höfats
223 €
Fire pit TRIPLE 65 cm, Höfats
129 €

Fire pits – a perfect solution for beautiful outdoor moments

What is a fire pit and why do I need one?

A fire pit is an item of outdoor furniture created to contain and manage a fire, usually fueled by wood or charcoal, to illuminate and enhance the ambience of outdoor events.

There are several reasons why you would want a fire pit. Here are a few:

  • Outdoor entertaining: A fire pit can be a wonderful focal point for outdoor events, creating a warm and inviting space for friends and family to gather.
  • Cooking: With functional, modern design and the addition of a grill grate or plancha, many fire pits may also be used for cooking. They may be a practical alternative for a grill or other outside cooking options such as pizza oven.
  • Ambience: Your outdoor living space might benefit from a fire pit because an open fire creates a cosy, welcoming atmosphere that is perfect for unwinding.
  • Heat: A fire pit may be a source of warmth during colder summer or autumn evenings, enabling you to prolong the outdoor season and allowing you to use your outside space even in the winter.
  • Aesthetics: Modern, stylish fire pits are a lovely complement to any outdoor living space and are available in a wide range of shapes and designs. Depending on the design you pick, they may give a hint of modern elegance or rustic charm.

All things considered, a fire pit can be a fantastic purchase for any homeowner wishing to upgrade their outdoor living area and provide a cosy, inviting ambience for outdoor events. To this end, we have an extensive collection of fire pits from renowned manufacturers like Hofats and Remundi.

How do I change a fire pit into a grill?

Many premium manufacturers that always think of the functionality of their products, let you adapt their fire pits into a grill by offering additional grill grates, planchas or cooking tops that can be mounted on the top of your fire pit. For more accessories that can be used with a fire pit check our offer of fire pit accessories.

Do all fire pits rust?

Most of the fire pits will rust sooner or later - just like all metal parts exposed to moisture, cold and wind. You can prevent your fire pit from rusting or slow down the process by keeping it in the shed during winter, using a cover, rubbing it with oil, sanding or/ and painting.