Tefal Ingenio - smart stackable dishes

Tefal Ingenio

✔ Compact
stack them and save up to 50% space

Discover Tefal Ingenio stackable cookware - a practical range of pans and pots with removable handles.

 stackable - thanks to the ingenious design, you can easily stack the dishes inside each other and store the handle next to them.
use anywhere - high-quality modern materials make the cookware extremely versatile.

Tefal Ingenio

✔ Durable
non-stick titan coating for long-lasting durability

✔ no scratches - high-quality, non-stick Titanium coating has high scratch resistance. The bottom dissipates heat which ensures optimal heat conduction for cooking food evenly.
✔ no food burning - we can cook healthier with non-stick cookware - with a minimum amount of fat, and still with no food sticking to the bottom. Cleaning dishes couldn't be easier. 

Tefal Ingenio

✔ Universal
for cooking, baking and storing

for all types of cookers - Tefal Ingenio is compatible with all types of cookers, i.e. glass ceramic cookers, electric cookers, gas stoves and induction.
for the oven - just unclick the handle and you can easily prepare food in the oven.
for the dishwasher - all Ingenio cookware is dishwasher safe except for the removable handle. Simply wash it by hand with a sponge.
for the fridge - you don't need any special containers, just put the pot or pan into the fridge and later just warm it up

Tefal Ingenio

✔ Easy
Thermo-Spot™ for easy temperature control

✔ red spot - do you know this red "dot" in the middle of the bottom of Tefal cookware? And do you know what is it for? It tells you when it's the right time to start cooking. Once it forms one continuous red circle, the temperature is ideal for cooking.  
✔ neither cold nor burnt - if you put a piece of meat on a mildly heated pan, it will start to stew (release its juices), not fry. If, on the other hand, you pour, for example, onion on a hot pan, it will burn almost immediately.

Tefal Ingenio
Tefal Ingenio rukojeť
Universal removable handle

Perfect result with 1 click

one for all - removable handle is universal, you can use it with all pots and pans. It's also extremely durable. Tefal spent 20 years developing this handle and protects its unique technology with a patent. The handle carries up to 10 kg and you get an extended 10-year warranty..
wide range of accessories - Tefal Ingenio doesn't forget about lids, plastic lids for the refrigerator and other accessories. All stackable of course.

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Combined opener K2070514 Ingenio Tefal
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Grater 2v1 K2072714 Ingenio Tefal
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Otvírák na korkové zátky Ingenio Tefal
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Potato masher Ingenio K2071214 Tefal
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Separator of dishes Ingenio Tefal 4 pcs
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Struhadlo Ingenio Tefal
Struhadlo Ingenio Tefal
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Turner Ingenio Tefal
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