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Black sea salt 320 g, Nicolas Vahé
17,99 €
Citrus salt 70 g, flakes, Mill & Mortar
7,49 €
Finishing salts, set of 3, Mill & Mortar
27,99 €
French sea salt 335 g, Nicolas Vahé
11,49 €
Garlic and red pepper salt 325 g, Nicolas Vahé NV104981001
Garlic and thyme salt 300 g, Nicolas Vahé NV104981008
Himalayan salt 280 g, with grinder, Lie Gourmet LIE117
Lemon and thyme salt 320 g, Nicolas Vahé NV104981023
Organic rose salt 70 g, Mill & Mortar
8,99 €
Organic salt of hearts 60 g, Mill & Mortar MM19918
Parmesan and basil salt 320 g, Nicolas Vahé NV104981000
Porcini salt 80 g, flakes, Mill & Mortar
7,49 €
Red wine and bay leaves salt 340 g, Nicolas Vahé NV104981016
Red wine salt 80 g, flakes, Mill & Mortar MM19906
Salt FLEUR DE SEL 120 g, Lie Gourmet
8,60 €
Salt storage container RO 11,5 cm, Rosendahl RSD20494
Salt THE SECRET BLEND 320 g, Nicolas Vahé NV104981003
Salt with chilli CHILLI BLEND 315 g, Nicolas Vahé NV104981037
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Gourmet and flavoured salts - a little treat for your kitchen or for your friend...

Salt – is it important in cooking?

Salt, just like pepper – is one of the most popular condiments that have been seasoning our dishes for thousands of years. Every chef would probably even say that salt is one of mankind’s greatest friends! Wars were fought over it, salaries might have been paid in it, it helped people heal wounds and could even bring good fortune!

What are the main roles of salt in the kitchen? Is it healthy?

Salt brings more flavour, and is an essential nutrient and food preservative. And although adding too much salt to your dishes may be unhealthy, salt is a nutrient that's essential for human life – it balances fluids in the blood, maintains healthy blood pressure, and regulates muscle function and nerve impulses.

Salt – what can you flavour it with and how to serve it?

Remember that salt enhances the natural flavour of ingredients but if you are afraid of adding too much salt to your food, you can salt it just a bit and bring some high-quality, pure or flavoured salt to the table. Salt – unlike pepper doesn’t have to be freshly ground (it doesn't contain any volatile compounds that are released by grinding and it doesn’t age) but you may want to use a grinder or mortar to get the correct size of salt for your dish.

In Kulina we offer you an interesting selection of natural and healthy gourmet salts and spices. They look great on the kitchen shelf or worktop as well as on the table giving your guests the right amount of aroma for their dishes and offering some new tastes.

What ingredients are usually used to flavour salt?

  • dried herbs
  • dried citruses or tomatoes
  • other spices

What can you use flavoured salt for?

Use our salt blends to spice up all types of dishes, even the simplest ones! You can use flavoured salt for:

  • all types of salads and greens
  • over meat and fish
  • over baked vegetables and potatoes
  • pasta dishes
  • high-quality bread with… tomato slices
  • desserts (salt with dried chilli goes especially well with chocolate!)