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Cookware set QUALITY ONE, set of 5 pcs, WMF WM774556380
Egg slicer, WMF
Egg slicer, WMF
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Egg topper, WMF
Egg topper, WMF
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Electric salt or pepper mill, wood, WMF
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Grean tea BB DETOX Kusmi 100 g bin
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Chef's knife KINEO 20 cm, WMF
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Kitchen laddle DAILY 26 cm, Nicolas Vahé NV160670014
Non-stick pan PROFI RESIST 24 cm, WMF
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Non-stick pan PROFI RESIST 28 cm, WMF
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Pancake pan MINERAL B ELEMENT 27 cm, steel, de Buyer DB561203
Pot set COMFORT LINE 5 pcs, WMF
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Kitchen - the heart of home

Kitchen is very often the heart of every household and the centre area of every home. We spend a lot of time there: we cook, eat, talk and - to be honest – the best parties, as well as family and friends’ gatherings quite often take place or end up there.

This is the place where we are together - we talk, have breakfast, have our morning coffee and an evening cup of tea. Therefore it’s very important to make your kitchen both beautiful and practical so that it’s a pleasure to enjoy cooking, eating and living there.

What do you need in your kitchen?

When thinking about kitchen arrangement and decoration, we can identify the following categories of kitchen products and accessories that you need in every kitchen:

  • kitchen pots and pans
  • kitchen utensils and all kinds of cooking accessories
  • kitchen organizers (these include organizers and stands for utensils, knife blocks, drawer organizers, etc.)
  • food containers (both for dry ingredients such as salt, spices, and pasta as well as containers that you can use in the fridge or lunch boxes for taking your healthy, homemade food to work or school)
  • electric kitchen appliances (kettles, mixers, coffee machines, toasters, etc.)
  • kitchen lamps
  • kitchen textiles (tea towels, aprons, tablecloths, etc.)

Looking for a pan, a set of pots or the best kitchen knives? Check our kitchen shopping guides!

If you want to make the best decisions, if you are wondering how to choose a pan, how to choose a knife or which pots are the best for you, please check Kulina’s shopping guides. We have a lot of practical advice for you and offer top-quality products that will stay with you for ages!

The most popular of Kulina’s shopping guides are:

What should you take into consideration when choosing cookware or kitchen accessories?

  • make sure you choose recognizable brands that guarantee good quality and use food-safe materials. It’s important for your health, comfort and your wallet.
  • saving money when buying pots, pans or kitchen appliances isn’t a good strategy if you want to use these products for a longer time (sometimes even for generations). If you want to make sure the accessories you use give you the best possible results, and if you don’t want to be forced to buy another pan, kettle or even a kitchen spoon again and again (thus saving both environment and money), invest more and enjoy the pleasure of excellent cooking for much longer.
  • choose products, materials and technologies that match the way you cook and eat. Buying a steak pan in case you don’t eat meat is a waste of money. If you have omlettes every morning, you should have a pan with a non-stick surface. If you love fish, you will probably need a good knife for filleting. If you bake a cake every Saturday, it’s a good reason to buy top-quality cake pans.
  • make sure that the style of the kitchen utensils and appliances you buy, matches the style of your kitchen and the whole house. Are you a fan of rustic or Scandinavian interiors? Go for wood and wooden accessories. Do you prefer minimalism? Go for stainless steel, black and white shades, geometrical shapes and clear lines

To sum up - make choices that make your life easier and work in the kitchen faster. Rely on well-known brands with a long tradition (and you will find them in Kulina), go for better quality materials and make your kitchen the place everyone wants to sit in.