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Kids textiles – for a more comfortable kid’s zone

Do you want to make your child feel special? Do you want to make his or her room super cosy and comfortable? Use kids textiles and let them make your child’s space feel and look safe, warm and inviting.

What kind of textiles can I use in the kid’s room?

Kids love cuddling, they need physical touch, and they crave hugs and kisses. They need comfort and a safe place where they can relax if they feel scared or nervous. Kids textiles such as cushions or blankets as well as soft toys, help to arrange this kind of safe, cosy, child-friendly interior so make sure there are plenty of them in your child's room. To achieve a sense of safety and comfort, you can choose from the following types of kids textiles:

  • decorative cushions (they can also be used on the floor to sit on)
  • blankets and bedspreads
  • rugs and carpets (nice carpet is the centre command of every kid's room - it not only protects small feet from cold floors but also provides a cosy spot to sit on, relax or read, and is one of the main decorations of the room)
  • wall rugs (they are a great decoration for kid’s room, they add dimension and a feeling of warmth)

What colour of textiles should I choose for my kid’s room?

If you are arranging your kid’s zone use soft, calm colours – colours that will calm your child down rather than stimulate him or her. The best choices are pastel colours – pastel pink, blue, green, light grey and all kinds of earth and natural colours. If you want to go for white walls choose a warm shade of white rather than cool, snow white.