Nordic Ware

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Cake form Frozen Snowflake Bundt® silver Nordic Ware NW88248
Form 3D easter lamb Spring Lamb silver Nordic Ware
34,49 €
Form 3D Easter rabbit Spring Bunny silver Nordic Ware
34,49 €
Form for bundt cake Bavaria Bundt® silver Nordic Ware NW53624
Form for bundt cake Elegant Party Bundt® gold Nordic Ware NW58677
Form for bundt cake Chiffon Bundt® gold Nordic Ware
54,99 €
Form for bundt cake rose Rose Bundt® copper Nordic Ware NW54148
Form for bundt cake Vine leaves bronze Nordic Ware
51,99 €
Large form for bundt cake Anniversary Bundt® gold Nordic Ware NW50077
Mould for 6 Geo Bundlette Bundt® gold Nordic Ware
57,99 €
Pancake pan with motives smileys Black Nordic Ware
60,99 €
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Nordic Ware is an American leading manufacturer of iconic, high quality and innovative bakeware. By designing products of superior design and quality they add convenience and enjoyment to the preparation of your cakes - not only during Xmas or Easter but also on every single day to satisfy your sweet tooth.