Muffin pans

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Muffin pans - fancy something sweet?

What are muffin pans?

Muffin pans (also called cupcake pans, cupcake trays, or muffin trays) are oven-safe pans with individual cups used to hold cupcake batters or mixes. You can use them with or without baking cups depending on the non-stick properties of your cupcake tray.

Cupcake pans can be also used for other baked dishes such as fruit scones, homemade peanut butter cups, muffin-pan fried rice cups or baked egg cups.

How to choose a muffin pan?

Many baking enthusiasts are of the opinion that metal muffin pans with a non-stick coating are the best since they transfer heat efficiently, encourage uniform browning, a lovely rise, and let you remove your cupcakes easily.

In Kulina however, you will find durable muffin pans in a number of materials and sizes. Choose a cupcake tray that best suits your needs and you can choose from:

  1. cast iron, aluminium or enameled metal muffin tins: they offer equal heat distribution, which ensures consistent quality. They are offered in different sizes (for smaller or bigger cupcakes) and come from such reliable producers as Petromax, de Buyer or Nordicware
  2. silicone cupcake trays and individual silicone muffin molds: These are regarded as the most cutting-edge muffin trays on the market. Their nonstick properties make them easier to clean. You can use them without liners or cooking spray and your muffins will be easily removed. They're also soft, flexible, easy to store and can go from the freezer to the oven. Individual tins are also useful if you want to make a small number of cupcakes and are stackable, saving precious space in your kitchen shelves or drawers. If you would like to use silicone trays check the offer by famous Lekue brand - a specialist in cooking and baking with silicone kitchen tools.

How should a muffin pan be greased?

Spraying a non-stick vegetable spray on your muffin tin is the simplest way to oil it. You can also use baking cups - liners help prevent your batter from clinging to the pan and make it easier to remove and serve cupcakes during parties.

If you'd prefer not to use vegetable spray and you don't have any baking cups on hand, simply grease each cavity with butter with a piece of paper towel or with your fingers. Shake out any extra flour after lightly dusting each cavity with it. This is particularly useful when using giant muffin pans.

Among muffin pans available in Kulina you will also find trays for baking donuts, brioches or madeleines. Make sure you also check other baking pans for smaller cakes and ramekins as well as confectionary sleeves to decorate your muffins with tasty cream.