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Egg slicer, WMF
Egg slicer, WMF
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Egg topper, WMF
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Kitchen tools – everything you need in your kitchen!

Kitchen tools are among every kitchen essentials. If you cook or bake, well even if the only thing you make in your kitchen is breakfast, you need some basic kitchen tools. Kitchen tools and utensils make cooking faster, easier and better! They let you save time, help in following cooking recipes and make the results of your culinary experiments look nicer.

What are the must-have kitchen tools?

Apart from knives, pots and pans, there are some basic kitchen tools that everyone should have in the kitchen. These are:

  • a cutting board
  • a grater and a slicer
  • a colander
  • some kitchen bowls
  • kitchen measures and a kitchen scale
  • some presses and squeezers (depending on what type of ingredients you usually use)
  • spice mills and salt and pepper shakers
  • a set of high-quality kitchen utensils including a kitchen spoon, ladle, spatula, kitchen turner and a slotted spoon
  • other kitchen tools like mortar, tongs, vegetable peelers or can openers

Remember to match the style of your kitchen tools to the style and colours of your home and your kitchen space. Go for wooden accessories if you love rustic kitchens or a Scandinavian style. Choose steel utensils if you prefer minimalism and buy some white tools if a classic modern kitchen is something that you dream of.

Obviously, the list of must-have kitchen tools gets longer once you develop your cooking skills and try out more complicated recipes. Therefore while looking for perfect tools for your kitchen, always think about what you usually cook, what type of food you prepare and which techniques you use.