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Apron SODAHL, cream, Bitz
Apron SODAHL, cream, Bitz
In stock (6 pcs)
21,90 €
Apron SODAHL, olive, Bitz
Apron SODAHL, olive, Bitz
In stock (7 pcs)
21,90 €
Bath towel CARO 50 x 100 cm, black, Blomus BM66308
Bath towel CARO 50 x 100 cm, cream, Blomus BM69001
Bath towel CARO 50 x 100 cm, grey-black, Blomus BM69000
Bath towel CARO 50 x 100 cm, light grey, Blomus BM69003
Bath towel CARO 50 x 100 cm, taupe, Blomus BM69002
Bath towel CARO 50 x 100 cm, white, Blomus BM66305
Bath towel CARO 70 x 140 cm, black, Blomus BM66307
Bath towel CARO 70 x 140 cm, cream, Blomus BM68996
Bath towel CARO 70 x 140 cm, dark grey, Blomus BM68995
Bath towel CARO 70 x 140 cm, taupe, Blomus BM68997
Bath towel CARO 70 x 140 cm, white, Blomus BM66304
Bath towel RIVA 100 x 200 cm, black, Blomus BM66303
Bath towel RIVA 100 x 200 cm, cream, Blomus BM69249
Bath towel RIVA 100 x 200 cm, dark grey, Blomus BM69248
Bath towel RIVA 100 x 200 cm, grey, Blomus BM69250
Bath towel RIVA 100 x 200 cm, light grey, Blomus BM69251
Bath towel RIVA 100 x 200 cm, white, Blomus BM66298
Bath towel RIVA 50 x 100 cm, black, Blomus BM66300
Bath towel RIVA 50 x 100 cm, dark grey, Blomus BM69124
Bath towel RIVA 50 x 100 cm, white, Blomus BM66295
Bath towel RIVA 70 x 140 cm, black, Blomus BM66299
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Home textiles - let's make home a cosy place

Home textiles are a very important part of any home arrangement. They do not only look good, are functional and keep us warm and our space nice and tidy, but they also introduce softness and cosines to the interior, making it a place you want to come back to.

Types of home textiles

In general, we can divide home textiles by rooms in which they are mainly used. Therefore in Kulina you will find the following home textile categories:

  • Kitchen textiles (these are mainly functional, providing protection and helping the user to clean during and after food preparation)
  • Table textiles (used in the dining room but also in the kitchen or on the terrace)
  • Bedroom linen (textiles made for comfortable sleep and great bedroom arrangement)
  • Bathroom linen (with soft and stylish towels)
  • Floor coverings (carpets, runners and doormats)
  • Outdoor textiles (made from materials dedicated to outdoor use in the garden, on your terrace or balcony)
  • Kids textiles (characterized by colourful fabrics and patterns that kids will love)

The role of textiles in home arrangement

Home textiles by definition, are cloths and fabrics used as part of home furnishings that have a lot of different applications in household use. But textiles are much more than this and serve not only functional purposes. Of course, they provide comfort and protection but they also coexist with the inhabitants, assist in their lives and most of all they give our interiors a defined aesthetic characteristic. Put a carpet on the floor, put up curtains and throw a couple of cushions on your sofa and see how they change the character of the room.

Different fabrics make your interior warm and cosy, they add dimension, and bring character. They make the space soft and inviting, a place you want to relax in, and calm down after a busy day. So home textiles are not only functional and decorative, they also influence your mood and this soothing feature should never be underestimated.

How to choose home textiles so that it matches the style of your interior?

Regardless of whether you are looking for tea towels, a table cloth, a throw or a bath towel, make sure their style and colours match the style and colours of your interior. Home textiles – even if they are purely functional - are visible in your space and therefore should be perceived as pieces of decoration. Thanks to the wide range of manufacturers and styles available in Kulina, you can choose between minimalistic, plain and more tranquil tones and colourful textiles with stylish patterns and dramatic contrasts.

Remember about shades and prints that are the best for the style of your interior.

  • For minimalistic, industrial arrangements, choose plain black, white or grey textiles.
  • In Scandinavian interiors in which white colour and wood play the most important role, you can brighten the space with different shades of blue and sunny yellow. You can also introduce some geometrical prints to make the interior more dynamic.
  • Classic interiors - apart from classic colour palette including black, white, beige and grey - like refined shades, such as dark green, navy blue, dark red, classic gold or warm shades of brown.
  • If you are not afraid of colours and your space is full of colourful decorations, simply choose the shades that best suit your room or your mood.

Fill up your rooms with cosy, soft and stylish textiles and make sure you are comfortable every minute and every hour you spend at home.