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Dining cutlery set INDIAN SUMMER, set of 3 pcs, Dellinger
Brunch knife NUOVA, set of 2 pcs, WMF
19,90 €
Butter knife STELLA, set of 4 pcs, Blomus BM63954
Cocktail fork Nuova, set of 6 pcs, WMF
19,90 €
Coffee spoon MINIMALE, matt steel, Zwilling ZW7022830
Coffee spoon set NUOVA, 6 pcs, WMF
22,90 €
Coffee spoon, porcelain, REVOL
3 €
Coffee spoon, porcelain, REVOL
3,19 €
Cutlery set AMICI, 24 pcs, Alessi
290 €
Cutlery set ART DECO, 66 pcs, silver, WMF WM1210006341
Cutlery set CACCIA, 24 pcs, Alessi
450 €
Cutlery set DRESSED, 24 pcs, Alessi
325 €
Cutlery set DRY, 24 pcs, Alessi
370 €
Cutlery set DRY, 30 pcs, Alessi
440 €
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Cutlery – the jewelry for your table

Cutlery like dinnerware – is crucial for a perfect dining experience. And we do not speak about special occasions and Christmas dinners. We are speaking about your every breakfast, every dinner with your family, every meal – even the smallest one that you have during the day, with your partner or on your own. High-quality cutlery really makes a difference and if you go for a complete set of premium cutlery for your home it will last a lifetime and will decorate your table every time you set it.

What is the best flatware for everyday use?

The most popular flatware for everyday use is stainless steel cutlery. It’s durable, dishwasher safe so easy to care for and much more affordable than silver flatware.

What kind of cutlery do I need? How many sets of cutlery should I have?

If you are wondering what kind of cutlery to buy we recommend buying:

  • one set of cutlery for everyday use and one set for special occasions – family dinners, Easter breakfasts, etc.
  • a teaspoon set and a dessert forks set
  • serving cutlery like salad spoons or serving forks.
  • and if you are a fan of fish you may also want to buy some special cutlery for fish and seafood to match your diet.

In Kulina we also offer  cutlery for kids  to help them develop self-feeding skills, premium steak cutlery sets (which make great gifts), chopsticks for fans of Asian cuisine and many other cutlery items that will help you in serving your homemade food, in the same way, it would be served in a Michelin restaurant.

Cutlery in style

Remember to always match the style of cutlery to the style of your home, and to the design of the dinnerware and glassware that you use. If your interior is minimalistic you will probably go for simple design and clear, geometrical lines. On the other hand, if your home is arranged in a modern classic style you will probably want to buy a bit more decorative set of cutlery.