Coffee machine accessories

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Milk frother MILK & CHOC LONO, WMF
149 €
Milk frother PLISSÉ, grey, Alessi
135 €
Milk frother PLISSÉ, red, Alessi
135 €
Milk frother PLISSÉ, white, Alessi
135 €
39 €
39 €
Milk frother SM 3584, Severin
56,90 €
Milk frother SPUMA 700, Severin
158,80 €
Tamper station 145781, Graef
39 €

Coffee machine accessories – for the best cup of coffee

Coffee Machine Accessories - upgrade your coffee experience

If you already have a coffee machine you can make and serve excellent coffee at home. But do you know that you can upgrade your coffee experience with additional accessories for coffee machines? We have everything you might possibly need, including milk frothers, cleaning tablets, and coffee grinders.

At Kulina, we have a wide selection of coffee machine accessories from reputable manufacturers like Alessi, La Pavoni, Severin and Smeg which will be especially attractive for white coffee fans.

Milk Frothers

This portable appliance is used to stir liquids into an airy combination of bubbles and foam. When making cappuccinos or lattes, the milk frother is used to whip hot milk into a thick foam that is used as a topping and garnish for coffee beverages.

But you can use a milk frother to whip milk for your chocolate, hot cocoa, and other drinks as well as mix cocktails, thin sauces and light dressings. You can even use it for whipping egg whites.

We offer simple battery-run milk frothers as well as electrical frothers with a blender-like device designed to whisk the milk into foam. Electrical frothers are often manufactured as an attachment to a coffee machine or as an independent, self-standing device.

Cleaning tablets

Another very important coffee machine accessory are cleaning tablets which help you keep your appliance in a good condition.​They are designed to remove coffee residue and grease left behind when making coffee. By cleaning your coffee maker you are ensuring the best taste of your coffee and the longer life of your appliance. It is important to use cleaning tablets for coffee machines on a regular basis to avoid problems with the coffee machine.