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Deep and air fryers – for healthier and crispier cooking

What should I know about air fryers?

An air fryer is similar to an oven mostly because it bakes and roasts food, but it differs from an oven in that it uses less oil than a conventional oven and has heating components that are only on the top. This makes food incredibly crispy in a matter of minutes.

Air fryers often heat up very quickly and cook food swiftly and evenly because of the concentrated heat source, the location, and the size of the fan.

With very little oil, air fryers let you prepare dishes that would traditionally be deeply fried, like chips. Air fryers provide a better alternative to preparing and consuming these high-fat foods and snacks.

How does an air fryer work?

In an air fryer, food is put in a perforated basket, and the appliance cooks it by blowing hot air around it. Convection is created by the force of the air, which cooks and browns the outside of the food in the basket. Breaded meals like frozen chicken tenders or unbreaded starchy foods like french fries or tater tots will become brown as long as the air temperature exceeds about 320 F.

What distinguishes an air fryer from a deep fryer?

While a deep fryer and an air fryer have certain similarities, the two kitchen machines also have considerable differences some of which are highlighted below:

  • Deep fryers need much oil to thoroughly cover the food. Foods cooked in air fryers can be cooked with just a spoonful of oil or perhaps no oil at all.
  • Some items turn out crisper in an air fryer than in a deep fryer since air fryers use little to no oil.
  • Deep fryers are used just to fry food. Air fryers can be used for more cooking techniques like grilling or baking!
  • Cooking with an air fryer is healthier.

There are also some advantages that air and deep fryers share. They let your kitchen stay clean (which is not easy if you try to fry food in deep oil in a deep pan) and the majority of racks and baskets for air and deep fryers are dishwasher safe.

Check our offer of kitchen fryers by reliable companies like Tefal or Severin, and see how much they can do for you!