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Patio heater HEATUP Eva Solo
499,95 €
Wall-mounted patio heater HEATUP Eva Solo
499,95 €
Wall hanger PICCOLO Hübsch brass
12 €
NV109310010 1
New Outlet
18,99 €
Long shoe horn WINDSORE Philippi 59 cm brown
39,90 €
Side table TOILETPAPER LIPSTICKS Seletti 57 x 48 cm blue
Side table TOILETPAPER LIPSTICKS Seletti 57 x 48 cm pink
Side table TOILETPAPER REVOLVER Seletti 57 x 48 cm red
Side table TOILETPAPER SHIT Seletti 57 x 48 cm yellow
Side table TOILETPAPER SNAKES Seletti 57 x 48 cm black
Storage box LOVE IN A BOX Seletti 19 cm white
69 €
Umbrella stand MILO Seletti 50 cm white
212 €
Bar cart Hübsch 71 x 86 cm grey
229 €
Book holder LAMA 3 Sprouts beige
49 €
Bookcase ELMAR Bloomingville nature
345 €
Coat rack SAHIN Bloomingville nature
42,49 €
Coffee table NUSA Hübsch 58 x 40 cm green
489 €
Console storage table with shelf FERA grey Blomus
350 €
CUBE Hübsch 58 x 37 cm orange
199 €
Dumb butler MENOTO matt stainless steel Blomus
259 €
Dumb clothes stand MENOTO polished stainless steel Blomus BM68548
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Furniture - practical, stylish and so comfortable!

Furniture, although primarily functional should be stylish as well and apart from its practical role it should also play a main role in your home arrangement. How to choose furniture so that it matches and highlights the style of your home? How to choose furniture for your living room and what will make your bedroom cosy and comfortable?

In Kulina, we create your home story with you and we make sure that every piece of furniture is needed and in line with the style you want to adopt.

What kind of furniture do you need for your home and what will you find in our offer?

In Kulina we offer everything you need to make you feel comfortable in your own home. Therefore you will find here all pieces of furniture such as:

  • chairs and sofas
  • coffee tables, dining tables and side tables
  • all kinds of shelves and cabinets
  • storage and home organization solutions
  • outdoor furniture

What kind of furniture should you choose for your living room?

Filling up your living room with pieces of furniture is not easy. On the one hand, you want it to be functional and stylish and on the other, you don’t want it to be too cluttered. What are the basic pieces of furniture for a living room?

  • a comfortable sofa with lots of cushions for your comfort and a touch of style
  • an armchair (especially if you like reading or listening to music in peace)
  • a coffee table (one or more depending on the space and size of your room and sofa)
  • a side table (to go with the armchair for a cup of tea, as a mobile bar or for purely decorative purposes to go with a table lamp, a candle or some modern sculpture)
  • some shelves, a bookcase or a shelving unit
  • a TV cabinet
  • a console (on the back of your sofa or for decorative purposes)

How to equip your bedroom with stylish furniture?

Your bedroom, the intimate part of your home space is a place where you start and finish every single day. Therefore it’s worth making sure it’s both cosy and functional. When equipping your bedroom with furniture think of the following:

  • a comfortable bed
  • two bedside tables
  • a bench, a chaise lounge or an armchair (something comfortable to sit on, something stylish and at the same time something you can put your clothes on)
  • a side table if you like to have a cup of tea before you go to sleep
  • a bookcase or some shelves for your night reads
  • a chest of drawers
  • a vanity table

How to match your furniture with your home style?

Your furniture choice should depend on your room area and your bedroom or living room style. Modern, minimalistic spaces are very functional and do not offer much space for decorative items, whereas modern classic interiors allow for more furniture and decoration pieces. Match furniture with the requirements of the style you decide to go for. Think about the materials, patterns and colour palette the given style is associated with. Be consequent and treat your entire home as one space so that every room and every piece of furniture matches the remaining ones. If you follow this rule you will end up with a uniformly decorated space that takes your breath away and allows you to rest comfortably.