Bitz is into stylish kitchen, home textiles and accessories. It's a Danish design, toned down colours, natural inspirations and the best scandinavian style in your kitchen.
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Apron SODAHL, cream, Bitz
Apron SODAHL, cream, Bitz
In stock (6 pcs)
21,90 €
Apron SODAHL, olive, Bitz
Apron SODAHL, olive, Bitz
In stock (6 pcs)
21,90 €
Beer glass, set of 2 pcs, 380 ml, Bitz BITZ911942
Cloth napkin, set of 2 pcs, grey, Bitz BITZ12298
Cloth napkin, set of 2 pcs, olive, Bitz
14,95 €
Creamer jug 200 ml, amber/black, Bitz BITZ11261
Creamer jug 200 ml, dark blue/black, Bitz BITZ11258
Dessert plate 17 cm, black/amber, Bitz BITZ14104
Dessert plate 17 cm, grey/cream, Bitz
10,95 €
Dessert plate 17 cm, grey/light pink, Bitz BITZ14106
Dessert plate 21 cm, black/purple, Bitz BITZ821406
Dessert plate 21 cm, cream, Bitz
16 €
Dessert plate 21 cm, grey/cream, Bitz BITZ821408
Dessert plate 21 cm, grey/pink, Bitz
15,90 €
Dessert plate GASTRO 17 cm, green, Bitz BITZ14110
Dessert plate GASTRO 17 cm, purple, Bitz BITZ14105
Dessert plate GASTRO 21 cm, black/amber, Bitz BITZ821405
Dessert plate GASTRO 21 cm, black/green, Bitz BITZ821259
Dessert plate GASTRO 21 cm, grey, Bitz
14,95 €
Dessert plate GASTRO 21 cm, grey/light blue, Bitz BITZ821256
Dessert plate GASTRO 27 cm, black/dark blue, Bitz BITZ821253
Dining bowl 18 cm, black/amber, Bitz
20,90 €
Dining bowl 18 cm, black/green, Bitz BITZ821269
Dining bowl 18 cm, black/purple, Bitz
20,90 €
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Bitz – a healthy brand for beautiful dinner experience

Bitz is a Scandinavian brand founded by the Danish food specialist Christian Bitz, who has an MSc in human nutrition and who developed BITZ on his health knowledge, he has acquired as a researcher, writer and lecturer. Bitz took advantage of the different structures of materials and different colours and glazes and created a brand and design that make it easier to eat healthier portions of food.

"When we eat, we need to tantalise more than just our taste buds. This can make mealtimes a better experience, so you’ll want to spend longer savouring the food. This makes it easier to control portion sizes, because it takes the body 20 minutes from the first bite of food until the brain registers the feeling of fullness – and, during that time, you can easily end up eating too much. You don‘t have to be ascetic, as long as you eat a good variety of smaller portions. (...) So, enjoy your meal with cutlery made from the hottest contemporary materials; drink from beautiful glasses and serve the food on beautiful dishes and plates that challenge the traditional table setting while making it easy to eat less and to eat in a more health-conscious way. Together." Christian Bitz

Bitz offers a wide range of products for your table – plates, bowls, cutlery, coffee cups and mugs in various colours and models, kitchen and table textiles, serving dishes and kitchen storage containers, suitable for every interior.

Bitz healthy idea and beautiful design

The idea behind the Bitz brand was to make it easier to introduce healthy habits in everyday life. And what can be healthier for us than nature itself? Therefore Bitz dinnerware is inspired by the nature, which is reflected in the earthy colours, glazes and raw design of plates, bowls, mugs and coffee cups.

The unique earthenware dishes will remind you of the joy of a colourful life and give an attractive look to your kitchen and dining room. Beautiful tableware motivates us also to eat together, to invite friends and family, to gather at the table, talk about your day, your best moments, challenges, doubts. And when we eat meals together, we think more about how much and what we are eating, we eat in a more conscious way. So sharing a meal is beneficial both for your health and your social life, your general well-being.

Bitz dinnerware – which interior, what type of cuisine and what kind of table setting does it suits most?

Bitz tableware is very versatile and timeless. Its plates and bowls are available in a wide range of colours which makes it possible to match them to the type of interior that you have. Choose a rural finish and earthy colours for the Scandinavian, more natural and raw look of your home or go for black dishes if you prefer minimalism or classic interiors. Wood will go well with country style and warm interior arrangements and pastel colours will go hand in hand with modern style.

Bitz dinnerware will look great both with traditional food and when used for serving more refined dishes. The plates and bowls will be a perfect background for Asian-style meals, Italian dishes, tapas or desserts and this is why Bitz brand can be often seen in the best restaurants all over the world.

But Bitz is not only about plates and mugs but also about cutlery that will go well with any type of dinnerware. Bitz offers cutlery sets in satin-finished or glossy silver stainless steel, in sturdy black steel and in refined golden touch so dining with Bitz is a feast for the eye!

Bitz dinnerware – care and maintenance

Bitz dishes are made from hand-glazed pottery which does not absorb colour, odour and flavours. Every product is unique and the special glaze gives the pieces shine but also highlights scratches and natural marks. This is not a material fault but its beauty, the intention of the designers. Bitz tableware is supposed to look a bit rough, natural, rural and unruled in order to bring more pleasure to the table.

The tableware is dishwasher safe, suitable for use in the microwave and oven up to a temperature of 220˚c.