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Who would have thought that a wastebin can add a touch of luxury to your home decor :-)
But it is the accessories that make up the home. And the Brabantia brand turns the most ordinary items, such as wastebins or breadbins into extraordinary decorations that you will not want to hide.


Touch bin Bo Touch Bin Brabantia black 36 l

Inconspicuous icon

Perfect elegance in matt black as a complement to a functional villa. It fits perfectly with industrial interiors and modern, luxurious offices.


Touch bin Brabantia white 36 l

A tribute to minimalism

Are you a fan of clean lines and perfect functionalism? Bins from the Bo Touch series are the epitome of style and functionality. They adhere perfectly to the wall, and the legs are height-adjustable, so you do not have to bend over.

Touch bin Brabantia champagne 30 l

Champagne Glamour

Colours stand for emotions. Matt gold is the colour of luxury, but it's also warm and soothing. It harmonizes perfectly with natural shades and wood.

Laundry basket Brabantia black 35 l

For comfortable laundry

Brabantia laundry baskets are equipped with air vents and a clever lid. Laundry bags are airy, and with one move the lid turns into handles that make it easy to carry them to the laundry room.


Trash bin Brabantia cinnamon 30 l

The cosiness of home

For many people, the smell of cinnamon is related to their home and the best memories of Xmas holidays and childhood. Accessories in a warm cinnamon colour can warm up even a very minimalistic interior.

Set of jars with a window Brabantia champagne 1,4 l 3 pcs.

Even a pantry can have style

Why should the items we use every day be just ordinary? Champagne-coloured jars and breadbins will make our day pleasant from the very morning.

Breadbin Brabantia red

Make it more energetic!

Red accents stand out against a black, grey or white background, making even the simplest kitchen more dynamic.

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Touch top bin BO 11 + 23 l, platinum, Brabantia BRAB316142
Touch top bin BO 36 l, matt black, Brabantia BRAB315824
Bathroom organiser, grey, Brabantia
25,49 €
Bread bin FALL FRONT 46,5 cm, white, Brabantia BRAB306006
Bread bin FALL FRONT, platinum, Brabantia BRAB299384
Bread bin ROLL TOP 31,6 cm, shiny steel, Brabantia BRAB339585
Bread bin ROLL TOP 32 cm, white, Brabantia BRAB306044
Bread bin ROLL TOP 44,5 cm, platinum, Brabantia BRAB288340
Bread bin ROLL TOP 44,5 cm, steel, Brabantia BRAB348921
Bread bin ROLL TOP 44,5 cm, white, Brabantia BRAB306020
Colander 2,4 l, Brabantia
Colander 2,4 l, Brabantia
In stock (9 pcs)
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Cutting board 25 x 25 cm, burgundy, plastic, Brabantia BRAB123122
Cutting board 27 x 43 cm, white, plastic, Brabantia BRAB123146
Cutting board, set of 3 pcs, green, plastic, Brabantia BRAB123160
Dish brush with dish soap dispenser, grey, Brabantia BRAB302626
Dish squeegee, Brabantia
Dish squeegee, Brabantia
In stock (28 pcs)
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