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Carpets & Runners – floor textiles for your home

Floor textiles – all types of carpets, runners and other floor coverings – make your home look cosier, warmer, softer and more comfortable. Although they require more time cleaning when compared to hard floors (wooden, stone or porcelain stoneware) they make your home more comfortable and can change the whole look of the interior.

What is the difference between carpets and runner rugs?

Carpets are generally used as a complete floor covering or if not complete they cover a lot of floor space. Runner rugs are  longer than they are wide and are generally used for narrow spaces, in areas with a lot of traffic – hallways, entryways, corridors, in the kitchen, on the stairs.

What kinds of carpet styles and materials are the most popular?

Carpets are made of fibres that are cut, looped or cut and looped. The most popular style of carpet is twisted pile carpet with the yarn tightly twisted and the loop. The most popular carpet fabric is wool and nylon, which is the most durable and stain-resistant carpet fibre available, perfect for homes with pets and children and for those who entertain a lot. Wool and nylon carpets are easier to clean, more resilient, durable, resist fading and offer better colour and style choices. Polyamide (nylon) fibres don't flatten easily and spring right back to their original shape, meaning your carpet will look nice for longer.

Modern carpets and runners are available in a wide range of stylish colours and patterns, which you can adjust to the style and colours of your interior. They are most often used and look great in front of the sofa, in the entryway, in your bedroom and in your kid's room. In Kulina you will also find some stylish doormats to make sure your carpets and runners stay clean as long as possible.